Wookiee Radio 33: Porg Friday

This week, Mike is once again missing, forcing Derrick and Ken to record the podcast without him. Did Mike get detained by the Imperials again? Quite possibly. Don’t worry Mike, Derrick and Ken are already planning your rescue! Well, after they talk about Force Friday 2 of course.

Topics discussed on this episode:
1. Rian Johnson claims the new batch of Star Wars toys does not spoil anything from The Last Jedi
2. A rundown of Force Friday 2 events at various stores
3. What is this “Find The Force” business all about?
4. A new Lightsaber AR game is coming out
5. Some images of new starships from The Last Jedi have come out
6. Sphero has a couple of new droids coming out
7. Topps has a new trading card set for The Last Jedi
8. What could the new Force Ghost Obi-Wan toy possibly mean?
9. The winner of Force Friday 2….A giant stuffed Porg
10. New LEGO sets for The Last Jedi

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