I won tickets to an Outlander premiere, and I didn’t go. The reason will make you smile

Catch that bit of click bait there? ? I’ve always wanted to try that to see if it actually works!

So, let’s start from the beginning. Some of you may know me.


I’m Heather, the self styled “lady of the nerds”. I blog under the banner of www.UnitedWeNerd.com And I REALLY love Outlander!!! (@HRHLadyofNerds on Twitter and @herladyofthenerds on Instagram)

Myself on the left, and my Outlander buddies, Jen and her mother, at the Florida Outlander Fans tent at the Central Florida Highland Games.

Anyways. A lot of contests come up in the time leading up to the season premiere. Sometimes I enter them, sometimes I don’t. Depends on how I’m feeling. So when a contest came up, sponsored by Amazon (that now offers a subscription to Outlander for their Prime members) to go to one of two screenings, I thought, sure, why not?

Cut to a week later when I receive this in my email;

My invitation to the premiere screening of Outlander, Season 2

For the hottest of seconds, I honestly thought I had won a trip to Glasgow, Scotland, to go to that premiere!!!!! After the briefest of “squeees”, I reread the invitation, and alas, my hopes were dashed. I had won tickets to the event, which is cool and all, but I have this little issue with the Atlantic…

So there I was, wondering, “now what?” and it occurred to me, wouldn’t it be cool to give these to someone over there that can use them and is a big fan? If someone did that for me, I would think that was awesome! So I posted in the biggest fan group on Facebook for all things Outlandish, The Outlander Series Group.

Enter the lovely Sandra Harrison


She was the first one to speak up for the tickets, and so they were hers, what followed brought so much joy to my heart, and I think a new friend.

I was able to vicariously tag along with her and her husband (one of only four men in the whole theater, bless him!) to the premiere. Here is what her experience was like at the Scottish premiere for Outlander season 2!

They decided to go whole hog (I loved hearing all her UK expressions!) and got a beautiful hotel room for the night, which looked very much like it was straight out of Outlander!

Sandra's Outlander suite

Sandra's Outlander suite

Imagine coming back to THAT after the premiere!!! All checked in and settled, they headed to the theater (after forgetting her ID back at the hotel and racing back to retrieve it!!). There was a red carpet leading into the venue, The Grosvenor, which she described as looking straight out of Harry Potter!

Exterior of the Grosvenor

Exterior of the Grosvenor

A gentleman checked them both in at the front door, asked if they were there for the fan screening, or the crew screening, and once answered, sent them in to go to the room for the fans. (Meaning there was a whole other theater full of crew that had worked on this project!!!). The hallway was lined with only Outlander posters! Every detail had been seen to.


Sandra posing the adorable sign she made for me! Isn't she great?!

After posing for these super gracious photos, they headed into the fan room. Much to their surprise, the seats all had swag waiting for them!! Each seat had a tshirt

Front of Outlander Swag shirt

Back of Outlander swag shirt

a box of Outlander Shortbread

Walkers Outlander themed shortbread swag

And pocket Jamie’s and Claire’s!

French pocket Jaime and Claire swag waiting on the seat for them

what an amazing surprise! Some lucky people even had Jaime bobble heads under their chairs!

From from outside and inside the theater

The theater was intimate, as there were only about 100 people there. The screen showed the dinner table picture while everyone loaded in. There was refreshments set up underneath the screen with French martinis and Lynchburg lemonades, which she relayed had a healthy kick of Jack Danials!


While they waited, they snacked on popcorn, which had been provided to each seat and chatted with the lovely people around them. As it turned out, they were sitting near a woman who is a part of  the Outlandish Bakers (@outlanderbaker #baker5 @montrave)which is a group of fans who bake and bring the delicious baked goods to many filming locations to bring sunshine to the cast and crew, just because they are awesome! and she came prepared with a treat called Tablet, which was described to me as a very sweet, semi soft, grainy, fudge type thing. And extremely delicious! Before the screening began, the man who took their names came down and spoke on the microphone, welcoming them and thanking them for coming, and then an actress named Adrienne spoke to them. She says she plays a characture named “Suzette” in the show, but we don’t meet her right away. And she said, “we hope you enjoy the show!” And the lights dimmed. Right when they thought the episode would begin, SURPRISE!!! Sam and Cait are on the screen! “Hellooooo Glasgow!!” Sam and Cait had recorded a message just for them, and it was met with raucous applause! They reiterated what the others had said, “we hope you enjoy it, we’re very proud of it, we love making it, and thanked the fans for for being amazing and for coming.” And as they were signing off, a voice from a couple rows back announced, “I love you Sam!” Which caused the whole theater to erupt with laughter. And then the episode began. At this point, I’m not going to post any spoilers other than to tell you what Sandra told me, “it was VERY good! You won’t be dissapointed!” So, that’s the story of how I didn’t go to the premiere, but was able to vicariously experience it thanks to Sandra’s vivid and beautiful descriptions, and made a new Outlandish buddy!

Bag of "Tablet" from Outlandish Bakers

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