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We Be Geeks, your voice of the geek revolution, is a weekly talk show on the WeBeGeeks Network. This podcast delivers highlights of geek culture with your hosts, Mike Ehmcke, Marty Spears and Julz Hendricks. Topics include: Star Wars, comics, television, film,reviews, celebrity interviews, games news, geek-culture convention coverage, Marvel, Disney and more.

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Mike Ehmcke spent most of his childhood, adolescence, and college years relocating to various locations throughout the country. His love of Star Wars/sci-fi/fantasy/comics and superheroes helped ease the pain of all the moves he encountered. As a high school sophomore, he started working for The Mark Twain Musical Drama His love of theatre and audio had him chasing schools that would be able to give him the knowledge he was looking for. This propelled him into his current role as an audio engineer.  He has spent 29 years working in the industry with the last 16 ½ years being spent at one of the top entertainment companies in the world. Mike is the host of both We Be Geeks and Mighty Marvel Geeks

Julz Hendricks loves comics. Coming into them much later then most, she spends a lot of time making up for it. Her kids are surrounded by them every waking moment, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. In her non existent free time, she likes to watch Doctor Who as well as talk about it to anyone that will listen. She has a Comic-Con addiction that keeps growing as the days go by. Her life goal is to get through the Game of Thrones books and if fate will ever allow it, meet Matt Smith. She loves supernatural TV shows, but refuses to actually watch Supernatural. Ten seasons…who has time for that?! She writes for Bleeding Cool and loves having people respond to her articles. You can chat with her on Twitter (@JulzHendricks) or just send her memes of John Carter. Then you will be her friend forever!

Derrick  Nadeau has been a geek starting from an early age thanks to his father, who introduced him to science fiction shows like Star Trek and Doctor Who, and who also took him to science fiction conventions every year during his childhood.  When he was three years old, Star Wars opened in theaters, and Derrick instantly fell in love with it.  As he grew, Derrick would spend his afternoons after school watching anime shows like Starblazers, Robotech, Voltron, and Gai King.  Derrick was heavily influenced by the cartoons and toys of the eighties, and is still a huge fan of the Transformers to this day.  Once he was old enough to read, Derrick began reading comics, and has even had the long standing dream of writing his own comics some day.  Derrick considers himself a minor expert in several geek related topics, and is often the source his friends look too when they have a geek related question.
Hailing from Detroit Michigan, Brett Dasilva has 30 years of comic experience. after reading a compilation of the first 5 New Teen Titans comics by Marv Wolfman and George Perez when I was 13, I was hooked. I have no allegiance to any comic company. I read, Marvel, DC, as well as independents. If it is good, I will read it. I am also heavily into supporting web series, and have supported many crowd funding campaigns. You can reach me at @Geek_Happenings on Twitter, to find out what is going on with me.
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