Talking Comics for 08.17.16 – Suicide Squad #1, Briggs Land #1, Demonic #1, Superwoman, & More!

It’s another great week of comics as we get tons of brand-new comics from DC, Dark Horse, and Image comics this week!

DC is giving us a brand-new Supergirl series starting this week and for all of you Batgirl fans, the brand-new Batgirl and The Birds of Prey series starts this week as the entire team is on the hunt find out who has stolen the Oracle name! And for all of you Suicide Squad fans, the brand-new series starts this week with Rob Williams and Jim Lee as the creative team kicking the story off! Don’t miss out on your weekly dose of DC Rebirth!

Brian Wood has been in development of this new series for a long time now and

this week we get the release of Brigg’s Land #1 from Dark Horse comics! This takes a look at a woman that takes over the family business and that business happens to be seceding from the United States government and staying that way!

Robert Kirkman released a one-shot of this series years ago but now it’s being made into a miniseries from Skybound Entertainment and this week sees the release of Demonic #1 from Image Comics. This takes a look at a New York detective and the cost that he puts on his very own soul and how it will affect every aspect of his life.

Tons of Civil War to tie-in issues and one shots drop this week such as Civil War II Fallen #1, Civil War II Amazing Spider-Man #3, Civil War II Choosing Sides #4, Civil War II Gods Of War #3, Civil War II X-Men #3, All New Wolverine #11, Captain America Sam Wilson #12, Mockingbird #6, Power Man And Iron Fist #7, Spider-Woman #10, and The Ultimates #10!

Also, several of our favorites drop this week and were excited to pick up Black Hammer #2, Wicked + Divine #22, and Horizon #2!

Don’t forget to tell us your Pick of the Week and don’t miss out on the Question of the Week! It’s all about Superwoman!

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