Talking Comics for 06.07.17 – Darth Vader #1, Iceman #1, Babyteeth #1, & ResurrXion So Far?

Darth Vader is back! This week, we get a look at the early steps of what changed Anakin Skywalker into the devastating force that he today!

Iceman is at it again with a new series from Marvel! Bobby doesn’t like what he sees when he looks back at his life and now he wants to change his future…but can he? Will he ever “get it right”? Find out this week!

The Antichrist arrives this week from Aftershock Comics with Babyteeth #1! Contractions are on setting off the Richte scale as this Biblical event kicks off this week!

If you’re as old as we are, you may have seen a certain powerful animal character on Saturday morning cartoons like we did, and we’re excited to see him back! We’re talking about Mighty Mouse, one of the best superheroes in superhero history!

Plus, there is some exciting news about the Runaways and the Fantastic Four! Changes are coming!

Don’t miss out Question of the Week! We want to know what you think of Marvel’s new mutant initiative!

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