Talking Comics for 04.19.17 – Secret Empire #0, Batman #21, Redneck #1, & One Artist, One Event?

Secret Empire starts now! The Marvel Universe is about to be betrayed and they have no idea that it’s coming! Do not miss the beginning of the bigest story in the Marvel Universe in years, starting in Secret Empire #0, Captain America Steve Rogers #16, Thunderbolts #12, and U.S.Avengers #5! On top of that, Nick Fury is back in the spy game in a huge way starting this week!

DC Comics finally start to answer the questions around The Button with Batman #21! If you’ve been wanting to know more about what created DC’s Rebirth, you need to get this issue! For all of you Superman fans, don’t miss the Aftermath of Superman Reborn in Superman #21, Superwoman #9, and Trinity #8!

Image Comics gives us two very interesting series this week – Plastic, a stary about a retired serial killer touring the country with his “girl”, until she’s kidnapped! Now he’s out for revenge and the return of his true “love”! Also, Redneck #1 from Image Comics, a look at a very different vampire family from Texas. They just want to run their barbecue joint and live in peace, but that’s not happening!

Tons of News stories this week and don’t miss our Question of the Week! Just how many artists should be involved in big comic events?

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