Tales from the Geek Side: Who Gets A Second Season?

As we are starting to get close to shows taking their Thanksgiving/Mid-season break, I have started to wonder what shows will be sticking around and what new shows will move on to a second season. Supergirl got saved last year when it moved to the CW from CBS. But what shows this season on tv and Netflix have a chance?
I’ll be looking at Son of Zorn and Marvel’s Luke Cage, but I’m not the only one who’s been picking on the fall tv line-up debuts. I found this story written by Trevor Dueck and it served as the inspiration for my thoughts here.

Son of Zorn (FOX):
Son of Zorn is one of the most anticipated FOX sitcoms in a long, long time. It looks absolutely hilarious and stars Jason Sudeikis as Zorn, an animated warrior who returns after ten years to try to live a regular suburban life with his live-action family.
The people who were behind The Lego Movie and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs bring you Son of Zorn, a sitcom that should give Family Guy a run for its money, one of the most off color comedies on television. Not sure if it will make it to a second season but Fox could use another comedy powerhouse.

Marvel’s Luke Cage (Netflix):
ABC has seen better luck with their Marvel line-up recently with season 4 of MAoS in its current timeslot. But over at Netflix, it has been home run after home run with the Marvel universe. Daredevil and Jessica Jones are huge hits, with Iron Fist and The Punisher coming soon. Hopefully with the mixed reviews of Luke Cage we see a second season or a combined second season with Iron Fist as Heroes for Hire.

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