GW1 Issue 109 – Now With Extra Pulp

GW1 Issue 109 – Now With Extra Pulp

This week we have an interview with “new pulp” author Derrick Ferguson, who writes the Dillon series among other stories and books. First, we catch up with our general geeky happenings, then talk some of the news from the past week, including the Project Scorpio reveal from E3 and bidding farewell to a fan favorite.  More

The Night Liner: HBO widening their audience next month.

The Night Liner

For a long time now HBO has been known as a channel for cable providers to add on to get a extra buck, which has movies, and boxing. And now HBO is taking off the gloves and will be like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and others as it will be a single monthly paying product that you will be able to watch content off of it like new movies, which have left the box offices that hop on HBO, HBO’s Original TV shows of HBO from the past and now. HBO NOW will be available to people next month without using a cable provider and only using Internet. The starting price for HBO NOW will be $14.99. More

Breaking Microsoft News

Xbox-Next-Gen-2013-Xbox-One-Reveal-041 Loyal Xbox fans, your day has just been made. If you have already read this article, or if you’re just seeing this link now then consider today a fantastic day in the gaming universe!