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Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes – Ep. 198: NWGLS 2017 Secret Santa

Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes – Ep. 198: NWGLS 2017 Secret Santa

This week on NWGLS, they have their annual Secret Santa episode. So listen in to hear what each member got for Christmas from the other members. Also this weeks NerdOn and News.

In the News:


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Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 1-Swiss Army Balls

Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 1-Swiss Army Balls

In a world filled with formula movies, and lame Hollywood reboots, two brothers from separate mothers scour the outer edges of entertainment to weed out the potential cult classics from the B-movie bombs.

 They watch the films so you don’t have to, they are the Keepers Of The Fringe!

Welcome to the first episode of the brand new podcast, Keepers Of The Fringe.  Derrick and Chris are the Keepers, two life long best friends, and brothers from separate mothers who are huge movie fans.  The Keepers is all about movies, in particular, the movies found on the fringes of entertainment.  Whether it is a cult horror film, a low budget science fiction movie, or a small indie film, they review the movies for you, and talk about movie news of the geek variety.

In the first episode, we start off with an introduction to the Keepers, then we spend a bit of time talking about movie news ranging from the upcoming Logan movie, to the release of the Phantasm movies in a fantastic Blue-Ray box set.  We even talk a bit of Star Wars news, since we are huge fans.

Fringe Movie Of The Week-For our first episode, we review the movie Christmas Evil, a film that was released in 1980, and written and directed by Lewis Jackson.

Welcome to the Keepers of the Fringe!