200 Beyond the Wisdom of Walt with Jeff Barnes!

Welcome to the Neverland Podcast Episode 200!

This is an epic achievemnt here in Neverland, and Lost Boy Eric and Spider-Pan Jeremy are definitely going to celebrate!

After a bit of reflection and thanks to you the listeners, Jeremy has a few announcements to make about what’s coming in the next few months including Tammy Tuckey of The Tiara Talk Show and her upcoming Disney cover album that needs your help at GoFundMe! Hear a sample of her singing “Why Don’t You Do Right” from Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

Dr Jeffery Barnes from episode 88 has returned with a new book, Beyond the Wisdom of Walt! He flies with us to talk about all the leadership and success lessons you can learn from Walt Disney World. You can also get a Kindle copy of his first book The Wisdom of Walt for free for a very limited time on Amazon!

Thank you so much for downloading this spectacular 200th episode!

Grab your pixie and let’s fly to Neverland!

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