GW1 Issue 141 – Pillaging and Plundering

GW1 Issue 141 – Pillaging and Plundering


We’ve seen the mid-season finale of Vikings and there’s so much to talk about! We recap what’s been going on in the show and where we think the story is heading. But first, Kylan and Dawn let us know how things went at the reading festival and we share some news about the upcoming Oddmall. Plus there are some tidbits from the geek entertainment world that you may have missed over the past week, so we’ve got you covered.  More

GW1 Issue 93 – Getting Timey Wimey

GW1 Issue 93 – Getting Timey Wimey

It’s our monthly Meeplecast and we have a full house at The Malted Meeple. Andy shares some news about an awesome new event happening at the May Oddmall in Akron, we get into a bit of geek news and then it’s time to chat tv, with an emphasis on time travel shows.  More

GW1 Issue 88 – Viking Raids

GW1 Issue 88 – Viking Raids

We’re almost two years old and we’ve never done a show about Vikings! So this week, we rectify that oversight and get into what we love about the show and why you should be watching it. But first we chat about technology, where we’re going to be in the coming weeks and, of course, some news from movies and tv that you might have missed. More

365Flicks #38 Interview W/ Cavan Scott, Comic Writer of Dr Who/ Vikings/ Star Wars and Many Many More

365Flicks #38 Interview W/ Cavan Scott, Comic Writer of Dr Who/ Vikings/ Star Wars and Many Many More

#38Chris and Kev bagged the opportunity to have a good chat with an amazingly talented Comic Book, Audio Play, Novel and Kids Book author. Cavan has written for them all including the likes of Dr Who, Vikings, Star Wars, Penguins Of Madagascar, Sherlock Holmes and many many many more.

We talk about it all. Cavan and Kevin’s time as members of the Dennis The Menace Fan Club. We break the ice with our First, Last and Best. We make time to address some more of the BvS hate, Chris finally gets to geek out about Dr Who on the Podcast so he is happy.

The bulk of the episode is about Cavans two latest Projects Dr Who: The Ninth Dr and the companion comic to TV show Vikings. Both these books are being published by Titan Comics and are available to read now in all good Comic Stores or on your Digital Formats like Comixology. So you have no excuse.


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Important Links for You All:

CavanScott.Com (Official website for all you need to know)

Cavan’s Twitter

Titan Comics: Dr Who the Ninth Dr (You can buy here)

Titan Comics: Vikings (Again buy here)

Titan Comics: Penguins Of Madagascar (Do I need to repeat it)

Titan Comics (For Everything Titan Have on there Slate)

Star Wars: Wild Adventures In Space: The Snare (Guess what, It’s Canon)

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Now Geek This takes on Chappie, Vikings, and Hack My Life

nowgeekthisThis week, I will be reviewing the movie Chappie,  which was just released in theaters this past weekend, as well as introducing a couple of television shows that you might be interested in checking out if you haven’t already.  Let’s start with my review of Chappie, which it seems not many people were interested in seeing this weekend. More

Now Geek This: Vikings

cooltext1205573672In this edition, I will be discussing the show Vikings, which is beginning the second season this week.  Vikings airs on the History channel Thursdays at 10:00PM Eastern time.  The show centers around a group of Viking warriors and their families, led by a legendary Viking hero named Ragnar Lothbrok, played by actor Travis Fimmel.