Talking Comics for 03.01.17 – Riverdale #1, America #1, Savage Things #1, & Out Of Control Variants?

On the heels of their brand-new TV series that has started on the CW, Archie Comics is giving us a one-shot issue for Riverdale before they launch into their new regular ongoing series. Take a look at the gained in Riverdale and the changes are taken place in the Archie universe with these popular characters.

All of you fans of the Young Avengers, check out America #1 starting this week as we get a solo series for fan favorite America Chavez as she not only fights big bad monsters, leads The Ultimates, but now she’s also going to go on a journey of self-discovery by going to college!

A secret agency has been kidnapping children and training them to be assassins for 25 years and now their group of assassins has gotten out of control and can no longer be managed. As a last ditch effort, this secret organization is trying to wipe out these insurgents but are unable to do so, so they bring in the one person that got away from them and doesn’t mind getting some blood on his hands! Don’t miss out on Savage Things #1 starting this week!

For all of you fans of the Rat Queens, a brand-new ongoing series starts this week from Image Comics as the gang gets back together and everybody still hates Gary!

For all of you Spiderman fans that just finished reading the Clone Conspiracy, don’t miss out on the bookend of that storyline this week with the Clone Conspiracy Omega! Find out what’s going on with The Rhino, the Jackal, and what’s leading into the brand-new Spiderman series by Peter David and Mark Bagley!

Superman starts a brand-new storyline this week called Reborn! This story has been leading up from the very first issue of the series and will reveal even more about Superman, specifically which Superman were actually dealing with here in the new DC Rebirth!

Don’t miss our Question of the Week as we talk about variant covers from the comic publishers and how out of control they are!