The Few #1

Coin Operated 183: The Few

Coin Operated 183: The Few

This weeks episode is brought by the word The Few.

We talk about how much hell it was for people to try and obtain the Pre-Order for the Super NES Classic. The Few of them that were available were made difficult to obtain because of the Bots and the random release time. Best Buy and Amazon did it in the wee hours of the morning and the other around 1pm EST. ToysRUs did no pre orders and is doing first come first serve.

The next thing that was limited in our neck of the woods were eclipse glasses. These are needed to see the once in a lifetime event of a total eclipse. We tried to secure one and sadly had to bum some off of people to get the this eclipse. Orlando only got a partial eclipse. So at least we got that going for us.

We talk about one of the Few new characters that were announced for Injustice 2 and Brian loves their intro video. Its a Dark Horse Character with the hand of Hell.

Review time!

Brian reviews The Few from Image comics(

The Few opens up with a woman running through the woods bleeding while holding a baby in her arms wearing a gas mask. This opening spread sets the overall tone of the book and shows that nothing is going to be normal.

Beyond the concept image of Eden Hall holding a baby, The Few is another dystonia future we have seen before from multiple different comics that goes in a circle with no clear focus or idea and is a bland story from the art to the words. It kept jumping around with the theme and didn’t help set overall tone of development for the characters.

Sadly this comic failed to find a voice and have the great characters potential fall because of lack of execution on their development and style.

Score for The Few:

4 out of 10


Talking Comics for 01.18.17 – Monsters Unleashed #1, WWE #1, & What’s Alterna Comics Doing?!

Talking Comics for 01.18.17 – Monsters Unleashed #1, WWE #1, & What’s Alterna Comics Doing?!

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