PodCapers Ep. 47: The History of Sonic Cartoons

PodCapers Ep. 47: The History of Sonic Cartoons

It’s time for another history lesson with Mark Russell! This week, Mark is teaching Scott all about one of his favourite fandoms, Sonic the Hedgehog. But seeing as there are waaaaay too many games to talk about, they’re going to focus of the cartoons. From the good, to the bad, to the “what were they thinking?”, Scott’s got a lot to learn about the blue blur.

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Intro to Sonic – 05:34

Adventures of Sonic – 10:50

SatAm – 26:30

Comics – 40:40

Sonic Underground – 52:10

OVA – 1:04:20

Sonic X – 1:07:36

Sonic Boom – 1:22:00

The History of Bad Ideas Podcast, Ep. 184–Limp Bacon!

The History of Bad Ideas Podcast, Ep. 184–Limp Bacon!

The HOBI Gang is back and stronger than ever after the Fourth of July week! The guys deliver a non-spoiler Spider-Man: Homecoming review, select the second basemen in the HOBI MLB All-Time Competition, and the final first round winners of the favorite Video Game Console War is announced!  Jeff is too preoccupied with the All-Star Game to listen to Blake and Jason talk Preacher but is intrigued by longer episodes of Game of Thrones but not She-Venom in the Venom film!  The guys talk opening night for War for the Planet of the Apes and become old men for their Top 5 Things They Just Don’t Understand People’s Fascinations With! This episode is sponsored by the Cincinnati Comic Expo!

Now Geek This Reviews and Interviews Musician Inverse Phase

nowgeekthisIn the recent months, I have discovered a new and very interesting musician who goes by the name of Inverse Phase that I felt  I needed to share with my fellow geeks.  Inverse Phase, a musician that I discovered through the magic of Twitter, creates 8-bit Chiptune music reminiscent of the soundtracks of some of the greatest NES games of yore. More