Talking Comics for 06.28.17 – Edge Of Venomverse #1, Clue #1, Secret Weapons #1, & Your Legacy?

If you’re a Venom fan, then don’t miss out on what Marvel is releasing this week! Edge of Venomverse starts this week and each of these issues will take a look at a specific character as they come into contact with the Venom symbiote! This week we get to see X-23 as she encounters a symbiote for the first time! Will she be able to fight its desires and its urges? Find out this week before the huge Marvel event starts later this year!

Two very long-standing and cherished properties come to comic book form this week from IDW Comics! If you ever watched the movie Clue, then you’re in luck! This week, a brand-new Clue comic series starts and it will have tons of mystery and various endings for you to choose from as the series progresses! For all of you sci-fi fantasy action fans, don’t miss out on Kull Eternal from IDW as well! This takes a look at Kull as he has to face off against his long time enemies, The Serpent Men, not only in the past but also in the present day as well!

Valiant Comics gives us a superhero team of a very different kind! Imagine that you were given the chance to have superpowers but when you received that superpower, it was very useless or you had no idea what to do with it? Now, imagine someone has a plan for your useless, questionable abilities and wants to work with you to take down the man who denied you in the first place? That’s what Secret Weapons from Valiant Comics is all about!

Marvel Comics is releasing tons of Secret Empire tie-in issues this week as well as continuing their Weapons of Mutant Destruction storyline!

We’ve got a fun Question of the Week for you this week focusing on Marvel’s Legacy and what it would be like in your hands! Be sure to leave a comment down below!