Talking Comics for 06.14.17 – Defenders #1, Dark Days The Forge #1, Catalyst Prime Accell #1 & More!

HUGE week! We hope that you get a ton of great stuff!

Before it’s released on Netflix, Marvel is bringing back The Defenders! That’s right, Bendis and Marquez are hot off of Civil War 2 and making their mark now of Marvel’s street level heroes! Join Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Danny Rand and Matt Murdock for a new threat that’s more powerful than ever before!

DC’s next big event starts this week with Dark Days! The world’s greatest detective may have been hiding a secret so powerful that it could destroy the Multiverse! Find out what it is this week!

Alterna Comics gives us two new $1.50 comics with Mother Russia and Trespasser, two very different stories that are only 4 issue mini series! Try something new!

Lion Forge Comics gives us their first ongoing series with Accell! This is a new speedster that may not really understand the consequences of his powers! We’re really excited for this new super hero universe from Lion Forge!

Tons of Secret Empire books continue the story this week and big changes are in store!

Don’t miss the question of the week! This is the one you’ve been waiting for!