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Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 39-This Is Not The Greatest Podcast Episode In The World, No.  This is Just A Tribute.

Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 39-This Is Not The Greatest Podcast Episode In The World, No. This is Just A Tribute.

The Keepers Of The Fringe have returned at last!  Back from their turkey induced comas and ready for action!  Well, technically, the Keepers returned last week to record what would be the greatest podcast episode of all time, but the  episode was sadly lost in the technological aether, never to be heard again.

Topics discussed on this episode include:

  1. David Goyer to direct the upcoming Masters Of The Universe film
  2. Disney is back in talks to buy 20th Century Fox
  3. An online petition has been started to get Warner Brothers to release Zach Snyder‘s cut of Justice League
  4. The Keepers give their thoughts on the Avengers: Infinity War trailer
  5. The Keepers discuss trailers for the upcoming Spider-Man animated film, and Jurassic World 2 
  6. Early reactions for Star Wars: The Last Jedi are out
  7. Warner Brothers plans to completely restructure the DC films division
  8. Quentin Tarintino possibly writing and directing an R-Rated Star Trek film
  9. The Keepers reaction to the Batman: Ninja trailer
  10. Marvel and Stitcher are launching podcasts for both Wolverine, and the Punisher
  11. A script has been approved for the remake of Escape From New York
  12. The upcoming Obi-Wan movie will begin shooting in early 2019
  13. Keeper recommendations
  14. Keepers movie review of the week- Argoman The Fantastic Superman

Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes – Ep. 182: Game of Nerd-Ons

Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes – Ep. 182: Game of Nerd-Ons

This week on NWGLS, our fearless leader Nathan is absent, but Mike steps up to save us all. The nerds discuses what is going on with the DCEU. They also discus the sad situation that is Hot Toys addictions, and catch up on news! Catch all this and more on this episode of Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes.

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The History of Bad Ideas Podcast, Ep. 190–Bulb Worthy!

The HOBI Gang is in the studio to talk the latest Game of Thrones episode and give some thoughts on the beginning of the Defenders series on Netflix!  The guys draft a new cast of Bull Durham, mock Sony’s movie division more, and are interested in a monthly movie theater pass.  Blake just wants one Obi-Wan movie, Jason hates the rumored Joker origin film and Jeff loves some Channing Tatum! The gang close out the episode with a Top 5 Favorite Seasonal Beers, in honor of last week’s guest Jeanie from the Salty Language Podcast!  This episode is sponsored by the Cincinnati Comic Expo.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast!

97 Star Wars Battlefront and More!

97 Star Wars Battlefront and More!

The Neverland Podcast 4 1400Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast!
This was a very busy week for Disney/Marvel/Star Wars fans!
In fact, there is so much news and information to discuss, that Lost Boy “Retlaw” Eric has joined with the “Spider-Pan” Jeremy on this week’s addition of The Neverland Podcast.
We’ve got some updates to the Disney movie schedule, some casting news for Moana, some new comic book series coming your way, some toy news, and of course news from the Disney Parks!
The New York Comicon has been going on this week, and news has been breaking like wildfire!
Not to mention that Jeremy got his hands on the BETA version of Star Wars Battlefront!
It’s always fun to have Retlaw with us, and this episode is no exception!
Grab your pixie and let’s fly to Neverland! More