Talking Comics for 03.15.17 – Batwoman #1, American Gods Shadows #1, Vampirella #1 & Your Power Combo?

You’ve demanded it and DC is giving it to you! Batwoman is back in her own ongoing series! Kate Kane finds herself back on Coryana, an anything goes island that now has a bioweapon for sale and Batwoman will have to face mistakes from her past to stop this weapon from being sold! With gorgeous art from Steve Epting, don’t miss this news series!

You’ve read the novel, you’re excited for the new TV series, now get the comic series! American Gods come to cimics this week and Shadow Moon is having a really bad day! He’s broke, his wife is dead, and he has no idea what to do…until he meets Mr. Wednesday, who has a job offer Shadow Moon can’t refuse! A war is brewing. Can Shadow Moon prevent its boiling point?

After much controversy, we finally get the first issue of Vampirella this week! She’s among the living again but this world is far from the old world she remembers. Blood tastes different, hope is laced with fear…does she really want to protect this world?

All of you Warhammer fans will be excited to see the new ongoing series debut this week! The next stage of war begins now!

Monster Unleashed wraps up this week before launching into its very own ongoing series and Superman has to face the truth about his life in the latest chapter of Superman Reborn!