Talking Comics for 03.08.17 – Man-Thing #1, Grass Kings #1, Redline #1 & Marvel Legacy Returning?!

After all these years, Man-Thing is going to get his very own series estimation point he spent years and years regaining his ability to speak and has taken Hollywood by storm but I danger threatens his home and he has to choose between his life of celebrity or everything that he knows! Don’t miss what Daniel Warned Johnson and R. L. Stine plan to do with this unique character!

Grass Kings starts this week by creators Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins, a story taking a look at a group of brothers that rule a trailer park kingdom and have taken in a mysterious stranger to help her. Will this decision bring them doom? Find out more with this brand-new ongoing series from Boom Comics!

If you’re a fan of the TV series Archer, then you will want to check out the brand-new series starting this week, Redline! This is a slice of life humor series on Mars focusing on Superintendent Denton Coyle. He’s facing bombs, the media, and what definitely feels like explosive diarrhea! Welcome to another Tuesday on Mars!

One of our favorite comics series is finally returning this week! Copperhead returns this week with a new artist on board, Drew Moss! Copperhead’s mayor has been murdered and one of the sheriffs old friends as returned from the past at the same time! Could the two events be connected?

We change the format a bit this week and included several different news items that we want to talk to you about this week. Some of the stuff you may have heard of, some of that you may have not, but we deftly want to talk about it and make you aware of some big changes that are coming down the road from some of our favorite comic publishers and we would definitely like to know your opinion to these changes that are going to be happening later this year! Also don’t miss our Question of the Week! See you in the comments!