We Be Geeks Review: Mimoco Star Wars MimoPowerTubes

wbg review w bgpI apologize for the delay in this review but it also gave me extra time putting these through their paces. What am I talking about? The back up batteries from Mimoco called the MimoPowerTube 2600. The ones I have are from the Star Wars series. I got the 4 Star Wars MimoPowerTubes (Darth Vader, C-3PO, Stormtrooper and Luke’s Lightsaber) right before going on vacation for the holidays. Now a disclaimer, when my family travels we carry a lot of tech and the AC power cables to go with it while at the hotel or where ever we might be staying. That is cool and all but what about that time in between, the travel time. That is why I got these. Now the tech we carry on a trip: 2 tablets (sometimes 3), 3 phones and 2 ipods. And be it in a car or at the airport/on a plane, you must have power when you can’t get to an outlet or access your power cables. That is were the MimoPowerTubes come in handy.  More