Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 17-A Perfect Storm Of Shatdom (Plus, A Review Of Wonder Woman)


This episode includes a spoiler filled review of Wonder Woman.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  1. Neil Blompkamp confirms that his version of Alien 5 is officially dead
  2. Casting news for the New Mutants movie coming next year
  3. The sequel to Top Gun gets an official title
  4. The Silver Sable/Black Cat film could kick off an all female Spiderverse
  5. The Tales From The Crypt reboot has been delayed indefinitely
  6. A series based on the Sin City comics is coming to television
  7. Dark Universe casting rumors
  8. Mel Brooks says Spaceballs 2 will be a prequel
  9. The last season of Game Of Thrones might be pushed back to 2019
  10. Dan Akroyd complains about Paul Feige on Ghostbusters
  11. Keeper Recommendations
  12. Keepers review of the week-Wonder Woman (Spoiler Warning!!)

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