Marvelette Missives – Justice League of America (Rebirth)

Marvelette Missives – Justice League of America (Rebirth)

When DC decided to do a reboot of their universe with Rebirth, changes were made across the board. One of the interesting twists was the new version of the Justice League of America. Following the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad miniseries, Rebirth brought together the likes of Black Canary, Vixen… even Lobo.  More

Why You Should Be Reading JLA


We all learned about the “cold war” in school.  Two opposing forces amassing an arsenal to take the other out, but never using it because each side knew the other had plethora of weapons too.  Sometimes the best weapon is one you never have to use, but everyone feels better knowing you’ve got that card to play when the proverbial  “stuff” hits the fan.

In comic terms, superhero teams have always had an evil super-villian group to match wits against, but in “The New 52”, DC is taking its answer to The Justice League in a different direction.