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Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 10-Ewoks Playing Porno Music…Whachu Talkin’ ‘Bout Padme?

Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 10-Ewoks Playing Porno Music…Whachu Talkin’ ‘Bout Padme?

Topics discussed on this episode:

  1. Carrie Fisher not to appear in Star Wars, Episode 9
  2. Thoughts on the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  3. A Star Wars Celebration discussion
  4. Avatar 2 to begin filming in the fall
  5. The possibility of an R-rated Watchmen animated film
  6. A possible spin-off or sequel to Labyrinth
  7. The voice of Miles Morales cast for the upcoming Spider-Man animated film
  8. Josh Brolin cast as Cable in Deadpool 2
  9. Thoughts on the Thor trailer
  10. Keepers recommendations
  11. Keepers movie review of the week-Doctor Who And The Daleks

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148 Aliens Can’t Stop Newt Actress Carrie Henn!

148 Aliens Can’t Stop Newt Actress Carrie Henn!

Welcome foolish mortal, to the EVIL-Land podcast!
Your pathetic host, Jeremy, is my prisoner. Neverland is MINE, and I’m unleashing a season of evil that even Darth Vader would be jealous of!
My reign of terror begins with a panel from the Kansas City Comic Con with Carrie Henn, who played Newt in the film Aliens! Grovel in fear, mortals as she relates working with the evil Xenomorphs!
However, I’m interrupted as Jeremy’s wife, Pixie Heather has arrived in Evil-land searching for him. She’s going to bring you some news from around “Neverland” involving Muppets and Pirates.
Next be terrified on a ride on Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy with Lost Boy Eric as he’s trying to search for where I’ve transported Spider-Pan. He’ll never find him there, HA HA HA!
You’ll never escape my wrath in Evil-Land!

Our opening music was arranged by Eric Calderone, 331Erock!

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WDW After Dark: November 8, 2013 – Fair Use, Pandora and Turkey Legs

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The WDW After Dark crew of Aljon, Jeff, Eric, Kristen and Will recap the events of the Geek Media Expo, along with Headlines from Walt Disney World, Star Wars, and the World of Marvel. Also on tap your Top 5 Videos of the Week, James Cameron on “Avatar-land” and learn more about the world famous Disney Turkey Leg.

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“Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.” – Walt Disney