Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 8-Naked In Space!

Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 8-Naked In Space!

Topics discussed on this episode:

  1. Robert Downey Jr. stepping down as Ironman after the next two Avengers movies
  2. A discussion on the future of the Spider-Man franchise
  3. A reboot of the G.I. Joe movie franchise
  4. Will Beadl to write the remake of The Creature From The Black Lagoon
  5. Lucasfilm confirms Darth Vader’s castle will appear in future films
  6. A reboot of The Blob
  7. Rain Wilson playing Harry Mudd in Star Trek: Discovery
  8. Jordan Peele directing the live action Akira movie
  9. Joss Weedon possibly writing and directing a Batgirl movie
  10. A discussion on the DC comics New 52 universe
  11. Fringe recommendations
  12. Fringe movie review of the week – 2019: After The Fall Of New York

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Now Geek This!  A Review of Captain America: Civil War

Now Geek This! A Review of Captain America: Civil War

This week, I will be reviewing the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War.  Civil War, directed by the brother team of Anthony and Joe Russo, is the third film in the Captain America franchise, and stars Chris Evans as the titular character, Captain America.  Civil War also stars an assembly (pun intended) of other actors portraying their familiar roles from other Marvel films, including Avengers, Ant-Man, and a movie that will be forthcoming. More

Now Geek This Reviews Avengers: Age of Ultron

nowgeekthisIn this edition of Now Geek This, I will be reviewing a movie you may have heard of called Avengers: Age of Ulton.  Age of Ultron is the sequel to the 2012 mega Marvel hit Avengers, and the latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Age of Ultron is directed by the incomparable genius, Joss Whedon, and stars a cavalcade of stars reprising their Marvel roles, including Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, and Chris Hemsworth as the thunder go Thor, as well as a few new characters such as the Scarlet Witch played by Elisabeth Olson, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver.  Of course, let’s not forget the amazing James Spader as the voice of the titular villain, Ultron.

The real question regarding this movie is whether it is a brilliant sequel, like Empire Strikes Back or Godfather II, or does is suffer the fate of so many inferior movie sequels?  Read on to find out True Believer! More

Now Geek This: Marvel Movie Madness!

 nowgeekthisIt is a good time to be a Marvel fan.  As a longtime comic book reader, and a huge Marvel fan going back to my childhood days, it has always been a dream of mine to see my favorite Marvel superheroes on the big screen.  For the first half of my life, that dream seemed impossible.  Marvel’s rival, DC comics had a couple of good movies under their belt starring their biggest characters like Superman and Batman, yet Marvel had nothing to offer their fans  but failed attempts or cheesy interpretations of their characters.


Now Geek This: The Genius of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

now geek thisLet me begin this article with a Spoiler Alert.  Normally, I try not to spoil anything when doing a review or discussing a movie or television show, but in this case, there is no way for me to discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe without bringing up some details from the movies and television show.  Therefore, you have been warned, if you have not seen all of Marvel’s movies, or the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television show, than you may find a few spoilers in this article.

With that warning out of the way, let’s discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and what Marvel Studios has done with this universe that I consider to be so truly brilliant.


Why You Should Be Reading – The Punisher: War Zone

79f2I guess I should’ve titled this “Why You Should Have Read” since this is a story from last year, but I just read it again and I still love it.  Following the events of Greg Ruckas 16 issue run simply titled ‘The Punisher”, Rucka’s War Zone is a 5 issue mini series which is best sold by its tag line:  The Punisher vs. The Avengers.