Coin Operated 188: 2 Weeks

2 Weeks

Its been 2 weeks since we have recorded a usable episode. The last one we recorded was from a live stream and it was too much for Brian to edit.

Horror Night

We talk haunted houses and how Brian did all 9 and Cody only managed 8. Bill and Ted was a let down.

The best house over all was a Original House and so was the worse House.

California Love

Cody is going to California to run or walk and then get picked up by the cops for going too slow in a Disney Race.  Also Check out DW:60 they seem really cool and talk about Disney World.

Holiday Matsuri

We will be returning as press to Holiday Matsuri in Orlando Florida. This will be our first time there so we are looking forward to bringing you all the best in Orlando Anime and Holiday fun.