The History of Bad Ideas Podcast, ep. 205–Spacey’s Playhouse!

The History of Bad Ideas Podcast, ep. 205–Spacey’s Playhouse!

The HOBI Gang is going old school at the table this week and they actually sound good together! The guys talk the creepiness of having a button under your desk, why Dengue Fever is popular and even their thoughts on the new tax bill!  The gang tries to determine how the Jungle Cruise movie will be exactly like the Indiana Jones franchise, rules on stealing beer and Jason is giddy like a schoolgirl over the Jurassic World sequel.  The guys are disappointed in the week’s movie releases but their mood improves as they talk the Top 5 Favorite Scenes from the Star Wars Franchise!  This episode is sponsored by the Cincinnati Comic Expo.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast!

The History of Bad Ideas Podcast, Ep. 201: The 100: Battle of Thermos!

The History of Bad Ideas Podcast, Ep. 201: The 100: Battle of Thermos!

The HOBI Gang is in the studio and getting back into their normal routine by debating Brian Michael Bendis leaving Marvel for DC, Kevin James starring in House of Cards and a review of Blade Runner 2049!  Blake is worried about the Lord of the Rings coming to television, Jason still despises Kevin Spacey, and Jeff receives a special package from his admirer, Nick Albright! Jason debates his feelings for Thor: Ragnarok, debate the Battle of Thermos and talk their Top 5 Television Shows That Everyone Should Be Watching!  This episode is sponsored by the Cincinnati Comic Expo.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast!

365Flicks #89 The Go Home Show… Cinci Comic Expo Here We Come

365Flicks #89 The Go Home Show… Cinci Comic Expo Here We Come

This time around Chris and Kev are Joined by two thirds of the History Of Bad Ideas Podcast and it goes completely off the rails. No need for show notes this time because its all over the place.

Due to Jeff only having a little time we start the cast with some banter about the upcoming Expo and move swiftly into our Top5 which this week we all did something different… Chris did Top5 bad US tv shows based off good UK shows, Jeff did Top5 bad US shows the Brits remade, Jason did Top5 UK wrestlers…

What we been watching consists of Orville the Tv Show. Movies like Baby Driver and Chris finally watched Power Rangers.

We squeeze in some Listener Questions from both sets of fans.

Ending the show with our regular News in which Chris lets us know exactly how he feels about peoples reaction to JJ taking over on the last Star Wars.

We have been wanting to get Jason and Jeff on the show for some time and now seemed the right time, before we fly across the world to meet the guys at cincinnati comic expo..


Spider-Man: Homecoming Non-Spoiler Review!

Spider-Man: Homecoming Non-Spoiler Review!

Written by Jason Brigger

Director: Jon Watts

Writers: Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley

Starring: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr., and Marisa Tomei

After a Spider-Man trilogy that hasn’t aged well in light of the newer superhero films, and after a failed reboot by Sony that included two lackluster films (to put it gently), Sony has teamed up with Marvel to make the Spider-Man film that fans have been wanting for decades.

This time, Tom Holland takes up the web as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, a teenager trying to juggle his life as a teenager and as the newest New York superhero.  Parker wants nothing more than to be the next member of the Avengers and under the watchful eye of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), he’s well on his way to the being the best friendly neighborhood Spider-Man until Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) sets New York in his sight.

After losing his salvage company’s contract cleaning up disaster areas to Stark’s new company, Damage Control, Toomes decides to use alien technology as weapons to sell to the criminal element of New York City.  Spider-Man, after waiting patiently to be Stark’s new protégé, decides to take matters into his own hands and stop Toomes/Vulture on his own, much to Stark’s protest.

The Good:

No Uncle Ben backstory.  After five previous films, the general audience understands why Parker does what he does and finally the writers realize not to waste time rehashing a story that has been told too many times. Thank you, Mr. Goldstein and Mr. Daley.

-Super-villain cameos.  I won’t spoil the surprises but Spider-Man actually fights numerous villains from the comic books and not just nameless thugs.  Fans of the comics will enjoy seeing some lesser known villains get the film treatment and while they may not be more than just filler for Spider-Man to wrestle with, the audience gets to see some fresh faces.

-New York City.  Jon Watts directs a film that, much like the comic books, makes New York City a living, breathing character as much as Spider-Man.  Watts makes New York City feel alive with real people and not just stock caricatures that the previous films accomplished.  When Spider-Man swings past buildings, it feels like he knows every nook in the city and actually loves and wants to protect New York.

-Tom Holland. Tobey Maguire helped make the cinematic Spider-Man famous but lacked in authenticity when it came to Parker.  Andrew Garfield nailed the persona of Parker but couldn’t figure out the authenticity of Spider-Man. Holland brings the complete package to the role and future actors in this role will be compared to Holland.

Holland pins down the insecure teenage angst of Parker but brings the still-learning but humorous Spider-Man persona to the superhero.  Holland has great repertoire as the nephew of Aunt May (Marissa Tomei) and he is confident in his scenes with the veteran Downey. Holland may not have been a household name before this film but after Homecoming, everyone will realize he is Spider-Man.

The Bad:


The Middling:

-Aunt May.  It’s not that Tomei does not fit the typical Aunt May-type.  It’s that the film doesn’t give anything for Aunt May to do and despite Tomei doing an admirable job, there just isn’t a chance to spread her wings with this character.  The one redeeming part for Tomei is that she gets the funniest line in the whole film.

-The Vulture.  Keaton does a fun and at times, great job as Toomes/Vulture but this is more about the writers “telling and not showing” why he does what he does.  Toomes states a few times that he sells weapons to criminals to support his and his co-workers’ family, and while admirable in a deranged way, that is about as far as his motivation gets in the film.  This motivation is not helped by a small, surprising twist later in the film that feels more forced and included just for shock value rather than for an actual poignant plot twist. We don’t meet Toomes’ family till the final act and by that point, too much time has passed for the audience to care about his motivations.

Final Grade: B (Good but the future of this franchise looks great)

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the Spider-Man film that Sony should have made years ago.  Despite taking too long to reach an agreement with Marvel, Sony eventually did the right thing and Spider-Man is where he belongs, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  This film is fun from the start and despite a few small hiccups, everyone from kids to adults will enjoy the reboot that actually gets it right.

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The History of Bad Ideas Podcast, Ep. 182–Creole Superman!

The History of Bad Ideas Podcast, Ep. 182–Creole Superman!

After last week’s spirited episode, the HOBI Gang is more civilized this week as they talk the Tremors reboot, debate the Preacher season premiere and if Venom is even in the Marvel Universe! Blake gets angry over another Damon Lindelof television show while Jason can’t understand why the Gong Show is on the air, and Jeff has to explain why Transformers failed at the box office.  The guys discover the FBI was actually investigating Dungeons and Dragons players in the 1980s and pre-celebrate the Fourth of July by listing their Top 5 Favorite Patriotic Films! This episode is sponsored by the Cincinnati Comic Expo!

The History of Bad Ideas Podcast, Ep. 158–Doctoring the Tardis!

The History of Bad Ideas Podcast, Ep. 158–Doctoring the Tardis!

The HOBI Gang is back after an extended holiday break and they welcome Dr. Bednar into the BOB Studios!  The guys get caught up on all their holiday shenanigans and are excited about a new beer sponsor for the podcast, Municipal Brew Works!  The gang informs everyone, thanks to the Stuff That Matters podcast, on how to buy the new HOBI shirts with proceeds going to charity.  Dr. Bednar’s impression of Jason doesn’t buy him any friendship points from Jason but still impresses the crew! Blake still hates Arrival, Dr. Bednar still is trying to get over Ohio State being embarrassed, and Jason wants to see the Director’s Cut of Rogue One.  The guys wonder why Underworld is still a film franchise and list their Top 5 Favorite Fictional Spies/Government Agents! This episode is sponsored by the Cincinnati Comic Expo!