151 Nintendo, Logan, and Guardians in the Haunted Acre Wood

Welcome foolish mortal, to the EVIL-Land podcast!
Your pathetic host, Jeremy, is my prisoner. Neverland is MINE, and I’m unleashing a season of evil that even Darth Vader would be jealous of!
I turn my back for one little minute to step into Jeremy’s home in Disney Indiana, and Lost Boy Eric returns to Evil-Land with some sort of device that allowed him to speak to Spider-Pan Jeremy!
The two of them had lots to catch up on, with an announcement for Nintendo Switch and some news from Disney Parks. They had the courage to venture into the Neverland Trailer Park and watch the sneak peek of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Two and a teaser for Logan, both upcoming films featuring Marvel characters.
Atchison, KS is said to be the most haunted town in Kansas, and with Jeremy trapped on the other side, he managed to pay a visit. Take a trolley ride with a “paranormal investigator” through town and hear all sorts of scary stories that will shiver your bones.
Eric promises to return with friends next week, so I think I’ll have to have a final showdown with them all!
You’ll never escape my wrath in Evil-Land!

Our opening music was arranged by Eric Calderone, 331Erock!

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