Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 25-Musical Death (aka Lovin’ The Smooth Jazz)

Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 25-Musical Death (aka Lovin’ The Smooth Jazz)

Topics discussed on this episode:

  1. Haley Atwell would like to play Peggy Carter again
  2. Jared Leto in talks to play Valiant Comics character Bloodshot
  3. Release date set for Wonder Woman sequel
  4. James Cameron wants to film a new Terminator trilogy
  5. Matt Groening creates a new fantasy animated series for Netflix
  6. Joe Manganiello will not say if he is involved with The Batman movie
  7. Lawrence Fishburne to play Goliath in the next Ant-Man movie
  8. Concept art for the Skrulls in the Captain Marvel movie has been released
  9. A listing of all the characters that have been confirmed for the Justice League movie
  10. A listing of the superhero shows coming out the next year
  11. Keepers movie review of the week-The Sinful Dwarf

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150 Halloween Cartoon Rewind

150 Halloween Cartoon Rewind

Welcome foolish mortal, to the EVIL-Land podcast!
Your pathetic host, Jeremy, is my prisoner. Neverland is MINE, and I’m unleashing a season of evil that even Darth Vader would be jealous of!
Lost Boy Eric is joined in Evil-Land by Tim and Gary of Saturday Morning Rewind and Trenton from Who Did That Voice. He must think there is strength in numbers, but it will not avail him, HAHAHA!
They started to remember a time when they were just hanging out with Jeremy in Neverland, talking about Halloween cartoons with Mickey, Garfield, the Peanuts gang, Davey and Goliath! I guess they really miss him. Perhaps I should send them to meet him, HAHAHAHA!
You’ll never escape my wrath in Evil-Land!

Our opening music was arranged by Eric Calderone, 331Erock!

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