The History of Bad Ideas Podcast, Ep. 197–So I Bought a Llama!

The History of Bad Ideas Podcast, Ep. 197–So I Bought a Llama!

This is it, the llama story episode!  So you think HOBI can’t reach a new low? Well be prepared as Scab Jeff raises, or lowers, the bar on empathy.  The guys debate the greatest combination of the Four Horsemen, sorry Paul Roma, and are curious how Star Trek might possibly sue the Orville.  The gang tries to figure out the purpose of the new film The Foreigner, if apple fritters are considered breakfast food and guest Jim teases the big box reveal! This episode is filled with guests from 365 Flicks Podcast, Jeff’s brother Jim, Number One Fan Doug, and Scab Jeff!  This episode is sponsored by the Cincinnati Comic Expo.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast!

DW:60’s Press Row Podcast  – Episode #5

DW:60’s Press Row Podcast – Episode #5

It’s Episode #5 of DW:60’s Press Row Podcast recaping the top Headlines from the Walt Disney World this week.

On Press Row this week we’ll discuss:

– New Merchandise Option At Tomorrowland Speedway.
– Disney Cast Member Arrested On Child Neglect.
– Epcot Celebrating 35th Anniversary.
– Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Price Increase.
– Pumpkin Spice Treats At Walt Disney World Resort.
– Rumor Control:  What Are People Chatting About Around the Disney Parks Universe.
– And Much, Much, More!

If you have any questions or comments about Press Row, there are a few different ways to contact me. You can find me on Twitter @DW_60, on Facebook via the DW60 page, the Sorcerer Radio Disney Fun Zone Group on Facebook, or just send an email to dw60@srsounds.com. Updates for the Podcast will come every single week. As long as DW:60 is playing on Sorcerer Radio that week, a Podcast of Press Row will follow.

Thanks for taking the time to check out DW:60’s Press Row Podcast! Have a Magical Day!

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95 Disneyland Maize Maze!

95 Disneyland Maize Maze!

The Neverland Podcast 4 1400Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast!
It’s officially Fall! Though the leaves aren’t yet changing colors, there are festivals and family activities to enjoy!
Of course, Disneyland has already launched it’s Halloween traditions, and Lost Boy Eric “Retlaw” will take you on a journey to the Ghost Galaxy where he may never be the same again!
That’s not all of our in park fun as we will have some more fun audio with Lost Boy Jesse “YensidGoof” as we are going to compare Space Mountain to Ghost Galaxy.
And don’t forget to have an adventure with Tim and Gary from Saturday Morning Rewind! From the far reaches of outer space to the deepest and darkest jungle, Tim and Gary will take you on a wild ride!
Jeremy and Heather were having a great time at a Cider Fest in Louisburg, and of course recorded a little bit of audio fun, including Blue Grass Missourians, a local blue grass band. They’ve made sure to record video of the fun they had, and you can view it on The Neverland YouTube Channel!
It’s all Disneyland and Autumnal Fun in this week’s episode of The Neverland Podcast!
Grab your pixie and let’s fly to Neverland! More