Coin Operated: Christmas Movie Draft

Coin Operated: Christmas Movie Draft

Welcome the Christmas Holiday Draft!

The moment you have been waiting for, it is the Christmas Movie Holiday Draft. We go up against reign champs Hard at Work who won the past 2 drafts and Coin Op is looking for redemption.




Favorite Christmas Movie

We bring you some of your favorite movies and some you may not have heard of. Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? What about Krampus and Lethal Weapon? 

What was the highest ranking movie and what was the lowest. Who picked the Whiteout of Christmas? Only one was to find out and that is by listening.

Big Thanks!

To Parker for putting it all together for us! Also making it the most crazy draft you have ever heard.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Coin Operated Friday the 13th Horror Draft

Friday the 13th

This week we join Hard at Work for our Horror Movie Draft to celebrate Friday the 13th in October. Listen as Brian and Cody try to redeem them selves in the genera Brian is king in.

Fun Facts

Brian gives details on almost all picks because he has seen way too many Horror movies especially IT, Child’s Play, The Thing, American Werewolf in London and many more.

Spooky Surprises

Listen and find out where your favorite horror film went. Because the ending leave you on a cliff hanger like all good Horror movies do.


Happy Friday the 13th everybody and Halloween!

Coin Operated: CrossOver

Coin Operated: CrossOver

Cross Over Episode! This week we team up with Hard At Work to host the 1st of manny drafts between us. The time we hosted a comic book movie draft from a list created by Brian.

The winner got bragging rights and well be the favorites to win our next cross over episode.