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Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 24-The Magic Box Of Lies (aka Your Grandmother’s Grundle)

Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 24-The Magic Box Of Lies (aka Your Grandmother’s Grundle)

Topics discussed in this episode:

  1. Commentary on several trailers released during SDCC
  2. A review of the Keepers Of The Fringe mission statement
  3. Strange news on the Venom movie front
  4. Noah Hawley developing a Dr. Doom movie for Fox
  5. A couple of news items on the Captain Marvel movie
  6. News on the Shazam! movie
  7. Updates on the Flash movie, including a rumor or two
  8. The recent fiasco with The Batman
  9. A new comic from DC that the Keepers will find very interesting
  10. Concerns about the Justice League reshoots
  11. Danny Trejo to appear on the upcoming season of The Flash 
  12. Eli Roth producing a new movie based on the Amityville Horror
  13. Andy Muschietti directing a Robotech movie for Sony
  14. Matt Birman intends to finish Road Of The Dead to honor George Romero
  15. A movie based on Mega Man is in the works
  16. District 10 is still happening
  17. Another Body Snatchers film is on the way
  18. New Telltale games announced
  19. Channing Tatum being considered to play Van Helsing
  20. Is a new Ghostbusters in the works?
  21. Blumhouse to produce the upcoming R-rated Spawn movie
  22. Keepers movie review of the week-Alone In The Dark (1982 version)

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