188 Spider-Man Comes Home!

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast!

So, I’m the Pan of Neverland, and I’m called the Spider-Pan because of my Spidey fandom, so of course I’ll gladly talk about my favorite wall crawler!

Spider-Man Homecoming opened this week to critical accliam and big box office returns. How did this film measure up to my expectations and worries? I’ll tell you my thoughts at the end of the show, so you can skip it for spoiler concerns.

Pixie Heather the WendyNerd took some time out to see Despicable Me 3! That means you get two reviews, you lucky listener you!

To add onto the Spider-Man fun, I’ll give you a rundown of some of Peter Parker’s world! I’ll talk about some of the comic origins of characters you’ll see in the film and we’ll even take a ride at Universal!

Grab your pixie and let’s fly to Neverland!

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