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The New England Society Of Geeks Podcast, Episode 3-Visiting A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The New England Society Of Geeks Podcast, Episode 3-Visiting A Galaxy Far, Far Away

This is our big Star Wars episode!  We start off discussing The Last Jedi (SPOILER WARNING!!), which leads into many other corners of the Star Wars Wars universe, including the prequels, George Lucas’ legacy, and so much more.

This episode is hosted by Derrick, and features the talents of Erick and Jimbo.

Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 32-It’s The Worst Part Of A Movie Full Of Worst Parts

Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 32-It’s The Worst Part Of A Movie Full Of Worst Parts

This week, the Keepers veer off course a few times, talking about everything from giant Japanese robots to the Blob eating endangered animals, but that hopefully leads to some interesting converstation.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  1. Information about the new Terminator trilogy
  2. Information about the next Predator film
  3. Rumors that Lex Luthor scenes have been completely cut from the Justice League
  4. Wonder Woman will make an appearance in the Flash movie
  5. A new trailer has been released for the Punisher Netflix series
  6. A trailer has been released for the newest Tomb Raider film
  7. New information about the Han Solo movie
  8. The HBO Watchmen series has begun production
  9. New information about the New Mutants movie
  10. Andy Muschietti wants to direct a new Pet Semetary
  11. A three hour cut of the original Superman movie is coming to Blue-Ray
  12. Taika Waititti is in talks to direct the live action Akira film
  13. News on the next Godzilla has been released
  14. Darren Aronofsky and Mathew Vaughn both want to direct a Superman film
  15. Keepers movie review of the week-Wizards Of The Lost Kingdom


Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #256: Arrow! Star Wars! Wizard World Hall of Legends! Injustice 2!

Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #256: Arrow! Star Wars! Wizard World Hall of Legends! Injustice 2!

On this podcast talk about the next Star Wars spinoff, Wizard World Philadelphia 2017 guests and The Wizard World Hall of Legends. Then we review The Flash and Arrow season finales and Injustice 2. Listen in!

Who will star in the next Star Wars spinoff film? Head over to our podcast Facebook page and let us know.

Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 8-Naked In Space!

Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 8-Naked In Space!

Topics discussed on this episode:

  1. Robert Downey Jr. stepping down as Ironman after the next two Avengers movies
  2. A discussion on the future of the Spider-Man franchise
  3. A reboot of the G.I. Joe movie franchise
  4. Will Beadl to write the remake of The Creature From The Black Lagoon
  5. Lucasfilm confirms Darth Vader’s castle will appear in future films
  6. A reboot of The Blob
  7. Rain Wilson playing Harry Mudd in Star Trek: Discovery
  8. Jordan Peele directing the live action Akira movie
  9. Joss Weedon possibly writing and directing a Batgirl movie
  10. A discussion on the DC comics New 52 universe
  11. Fringe recommendations
  12. Fringe movie review of the week – 2019: After The Fall Of New York

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Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes – Ep. 127: Super Charles Strikes Back!

Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes – Ep. 127: Super Charles Strikes Back!

This week Charles, Ray and Nathan start out with no support, only to be joined by their nerd brethren Mike and TJ when they most needed them!

In the news

126 Star Wars at Play! May the 4th Be With You!

126 Star Wars at Play! May the 4th Be With You!

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast!
May the 4th be with you as we enjoy Star Wars at Play! Star Wars has had all kinds of fun ways that we could play in a Galaxy Far, Far Away from video games to board games. And of course we all know about the extensive line of action figures.
This week I asked some friends how they played at Star Wars in ways that may have been out of the ordinary. I couldn’t let them all get away without playing a game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit with them! Please welcome Rachel and Kristi from Behind the Magic, Shazbazzar and JediShua from TechnoRetro Dads, Dominic from WDW Plan Toons, Tim and Gary from Saturday Morning Rewind, and of course Scott and Tracey from Disney Indiana
But the real bonus to this episode of The Neverland Podcast is that all of this content will play around the audio from an old Star Wars VCR game I have from 1996!
The Flickr album that The Disney Indiana podcast shares can be found here.
The Neverland Podcast Live Panel at Planet Comicon! Details here!
Grab your pixie and let’s fly to Neverland!

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365Flicks Ep022 365 Newcastle Film and Comic Con… Kate Dickie/Tom Burke/Ian Beattie/David Prowse…News/Top5 Tv Themes

365Flicks Ep022 365 Newcastle Film and Comic Con… Kate Dickie/Tom Burke/Ian Beattie/David Prowse…News/Top5 Tv Themes

Ep 22 In this bumper Episode of the 365FlicksPodcast the lads found themselves at Showmasters Film and Comic Con in the lovely city of Newcastle… Not only did we partake in the talks but we had the good fortune of snagging Press Passes, meaning that we were able to hob nob with the stars.

Listen in as we talk to Kate Dickie star of Game of Thrones and such movies as Prometheus and Filth. She played Aunt Lyssa in Game of Thrones and was such a lovely person to speak to (but dont mention the Moon Door). We also spoke to Tom Burke who plays Athos in BBC’s Musketeers as well as starring in Ryan Goslings Only God Forgives…

Another Game of Thrones star who was gracious enough to give us his time was Merryn Trant himself Mr Ian Beattie “TOO OLD” he was such a great guy and was a pleasure meeting him (even bagged an exsclusive). You may be surprised to hear what David Prowse (The Real Darth Vader) had to say about his time on the Star Wars set…

We had a great time at the Con met some great people and hope you will enjoy this special episode which we round off with our typical News Round Up with Civil War trailer news and some wrestling talk. Then we end the show with a meaningless Top5 of TV themes tunes.



00.00 – 08.00 “Your Listening to” Thanks to William Milne for Theme Music

08.00 – 01.23.00 FCC Newcastle Talk

  • 13.00 – 17.45        Interview with Kate Dickie from Game of Thrones
  • 32.25 – 41.55         Interview with Tom Burke from The Musketeers
  • 51.00 – 01.02.20     Interview with Ian Beattie from Game of Thrones
  • 01.11.10 – 01.17.30 Interview with David Prowse The Real Darth Vader

01.23.00 – 01.24.05 Astro Radio Z Promo

01.24.05 – 01.59.50 News Round-Up (Civil War trailer, Star Wars, Wrestling)

01.59.50 – 02.00.30 HOBI Promo

02.00.30 – 03.32.00 Meaningless Top5 Tv theme tunes


Thank you to Showmasters Events for having us to Newcastle FCC and allowing us Press Passes to speak to these great people and a special thank you to Mary who was part of the crew and looked after us…


Chris and I hope you like the show and hope to hear from you all soon, Thanks for having us…



MMG Issue 75: June 27, 2015 Drill Tooth or Bore Tooth

mmg 2014 2The guys of Might Marvel Geeks are back with another issue. The gang talk about Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Spider-Man get love this week as the talk about the casting announcment and Miles Morales will be taking over in the 616 after Secret Wars is over. The guys also get into a great discussion started by a listener’s email. All this and more. Mighty Marvel Geeks NCBD picks for July 1. 2015 are: Squadron Sinister #2, Groot #2, Master of Kung Fu #3, Ultimate End #3, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7, Years of Future Past #3, Darth Vader #7, Red Skull #1 and A-Force #2

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Now Geek This: More Geek Bites

nowgeekthisMy last Geek Bites article, in which I wrote small morsels on multiple topics, proved to be popular enough to make me want to try the format again.  And so, without further ado, here are some more tasty bits of geek for you to chew on and enjoy.  Who knows, perhaps I have found a whole new format for my articles to be written in.  Let’s see where it takes us. More

We Be Geeks Review: Mimoco Star Wars MimoPowerTubes

wbg review w bgpI apologize for the delay in this review but it also gave me extra time putting these through their paces. What am I talking about? The back up batteries from Mimoco called the MimoPowerTube 2600. The ones I have are from the Star Wars series. I got the 4 Star Wars MimoPowerTubes (Darth Vader, C-3PO, Stormtrooper and Luke’s Lightsaber) right before going on vacation for the holidays. Now a disclaimer, when my family travels we carry a lot of tech and the AC power cables to go with it while at the hotel or where ever we might be staying. That is cool and all but what about that time in between, the travel time. That is why I got these. Now the tech we carry on a trip: 2 tablets (sometimes 3), 3 phones and 2 ipods. And be it in a car or at the airport/on a plane, you must have power when you can’t get to an outlet or access your power cables. That is were the MimoPowerTubes come in handy.  More