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Coin Operated: CrossOver

Coin Operated: CrossOver

Cross Over Episode! This week we team up with Hard At Work to host the 1st of manny drafts between us. The time we hosted a comic book movie draft from a list created by Brian.

The winner got bragging rights and well be the favorites to win our next cross over episode.

The Comic Board Eps #18 LIVE Podcast- Comic News, Top 5 Comics, NCBD Picks

The Comic Board Eps #18 LIVE Podcast- Comic News, Top 5 Comics, NCBD Picks

Welcome to The Comic Board; your one-stop shop for everything related to this week’s new comic book releases. We not only cover the big two in comic publishing, DC & Marvel, but also Image, Valiant, Aftershock, Boom Studios, Dark Horse, and a host of other independent publishers.
Each week J.T. and Blackpoll will cover their top 5 picks of the week as well as their least favorite pick. But before we get there, we’ll discuss comic news, answer listener questions, and tackle a discussion question or two. Recorded live every week this interactive live show takes questions, comments, and sometimes even ridicule, direct from the chat.
We record live every Tuesday at 11am EST/10am CST on The Comic Board Youtube channel. If you’re interested in talking anything comic related, come on by our Youtube channel and join in the discussion. As always, be supportive of the comic community and happy reading!


We Be Geeks Review: The Zone Continuum

We Be Geeks Review: The Zone Continuum

It is my honor and pleasure to bring you this review. It has been a while and I have been so busy with life away from the site and show that this review is long overdue. This review marks the return of The Zone Continuum series from multi talented artist Bruce Zick. The original Zone Continuum published by Caliber Comics in 1992. Zick rebooted the series in 2006 as a web comic for Komikwerks. The series has now returned in the form of an all-new graphic novel expanding on Zick’s previous work.

Before delving into this comic, I would recommend highly checking out the forward and the glossary at the end of the book. This will make understanding all the unusual names easier and give you a general idea of what is going on, and therefore reading the comic more enjoyable.

Set in a world high above the surface, The Zone Continuum takes to the rooftops above New York City. Hidden from human eyes by ancient technology, the Dar struggle to live in a world separated by extra-dimensional Zones. This and the ravaging by the humans with the pollution they created. The Dar once walked among the humans but with advancements in human technology, their very survival has been threatened. Radiation from satellites and other human tech have made the planet toxic, causing the Zones to collapse and give rise to monstrous entities. These Zones exist only in the sky and are the only safe haven for the Dar.

The Zone Continuum highlights not just  the damage being done to the environment but also deals with the ravages of isolation and the effects each of our actions and decisions can have, whether we know it or not, on others. As humans wage their wars and continue to pollute the Earth, their harm causes not only ill effects on  the planet but also puts the very existence of the Dar in peril. The shrinking zones have put the relationship between Talon and Paris is a peril. The pain of their separation is two-fold – not only felt by them being apart but also by the physical pain they must endure when they try to reach each other by breaching the Zones they inhabit.

The Zone Continuum is great a read as a showcase of Bruce Zick’s highly impressive art style developed from his years of experience in both the animation and comic industry, and a great sci-fi comic to boot.

From the art deco look and the frail love story, I highly recommend picking up this book at places like amazon.com or from the Dark Horse shop.


WBG Episode 84: A Tail of Rocky “Rocket” Racoon

WeBeGeeksThis week the We Be Geeks guys try to look into the future and see if it’s possible to have too many geeks movies on the horizon, which geek TV shows they think they will like the best this coming fall and talk about the tragic story of Bill Mantlo, creator of Rocket Raccoon. Star Wars expanding at the Disney Theme Parks and more. The We Be Geeks Dark Horse NCBD pick for Aug 13, 2014 is DARK AGES #1.

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WBG Episode 83: SDCC Recap, Want To Know More?

WeBeGeeksHappy New Geek Year! Mike and Marty bring the WeBeGeeks recap of SDCC. The guys chat about the Best of the con and the most disappointing.  Godzillia 2 and Skull Island beats out Avengers: Age of Ultron? Is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a Hoax? The new Wonder Woman DCCU costume debuts and more. The WeBeGeeks Dark Horse pic for August 6, 2014 is USAGI YOJIMBO: SENSO #1

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WBG Episode 80: Holy Catch Up, McFly!

WeBeGeeksMarty returns from vacation and the guys catch up on all the latest news of the past couple weeks like Jack Kirby vs Marvel, Brandon Routh returning to the DC Universe, but not as Superman, More info on Batman ’66 coming to Blu-ray and DVD and more! Give a hoot and listen! Our Dark Horse segment we talk about The Strain TV series and the comparisons to the book. Check out a new episode of WeBeGeeks every Thursday here or on iTunes and Stitcher


DarkhorseI am thrilled to shar ethis awesome news from our friends at Dark Horse Comics, donating their entire catalog along with 4 iPads fully loaded with DHC matertial is one of the many reasons Dark Horse is one of my favorite publishers. I would love to see others follow this path Dark Horse has forged. Comics got me through many a hard time as a kid with SEVERAL moves growing up, now I am glad to see there will be something for children to read as inspiration in their fight threw their hard times. Accolades and Honors to Dark Horse Comics. More

Dark Horse Launches on the iBookstore!

On Tuesday, Dark Horse Comics announced that its graphic novels are now available in Apple’s iBookstore. This move makes Dark Horse one of most widely digitally distributed publishers. Dark Horse’s library features over two hundred titles, including Mass Effect, Hellboy, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire SlayerSerenity, Sin City, and more. More