Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 3-In Honor Of Bill Paxton

After dealing with a few issues with the recording for this episode, the Keepers Of The Fringe have finally returned with a brand new episode.

Episode  3 meeting agenda:

  1. Condolences on the passing of Bill Paxton
  2. Patrick Stewart retiring from the X-Men franchise
  3. What would make Hugh Jackman want to play Wolverine again?
  4. The Gambit movie is still in the works
  5. Rumors on the next X-Men movie
  6. Our thoughts on the Lego Batman Movie
  7. Matt Reeves back on to direct the live action Batman movie
  8. Batman vs. Superman winning four Razzie awards
  9. Our thoughts on the latest news about the game Injustice 2
  10. Mass Effect: Andromeda releasing a downloadable game patch on the same day the game is released
  11. Release date announced the reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000
  12. Announced reboot of Tales From The Crypt
  13. The most anticipated movies coming out in 2017
  14. Movie review of the week-In honor of Bill Paxton, Brain Dead
  15. Keepers recommendations

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