Coin Operated 195: Camisa de Pene

Coin Operated 195: Camisa de Pene


This week Nick and Louann join us for a recap of our trips and Spanish lesson in how to say condom (Camisa de Pene).

Marvel Cruise


Cody talks about the Disney Marvel Cruise he went on with his GF. He talks about how they destroyed little kids in trivia. He also goes into detail about the amount of food he gorged himself on and how he cheated the system to get 2 for 1 drinks.

DC Tripping

Brian talked about his trip to Washington DC with Louann. They recap the trip with how Brian wanted to destroy little kids for being annoying and loud at the museums. Louann talks about the Hirshhorn Museum exhibits and that they needed to be in an altered state.



Nick told stories of Hotel work and everyday shenaniganswhile we were away. Also Toby makes a guest appearance.

DW:60’s Press Row Podcast  – Episode #8

DW:60’s Press Row Podcast – Episode #8

It’s Episode #8 of DW:60’s Press Row Podcast recapping the top Headlines from the Walt Disney World this week.

On Press Row this week I’ll discuss:

– Overnight Holiday Rehearsals at the Magic Kingdom.
– More Details on Toy Story Land at DHS.
– Paddle Fish at Disney Springs hosts second Rooftop Dinner.
– 25 Days of Christmas expands to all Disney Television Networks.
– Alligator Removed From Walt Disney World Increases in Numbers.
– Annual Passholders get a nice perk at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.
– Mickey gets ready to celebrate his Birthday at Disney Parks.

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182 Star Wars is 40! (and Jeremy is, too)

182 Star Wars is 40! (and Jeremy is, too)

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast!

We’ve reached an epic milestone in Neverland history! A milestone so epic, that we are celebrating the beginning of a new era. We celebrate something that has changed a generation, and the world. It’s effects are still being felt today.

Star Wars has now been a part of the public conscience for 40 years!

Unfortunately for our favorite Spider-Pan, his birthday just happens to fall one day after this historic event! He’s invited some friends to celebrate this occasion, but it seems there may be a bit of confusion. No matter, he and Lost Boy Retlaw (Eric) will just have to reminesce about Star Tours!

Pixie Heather the WendyNerd is back! She and Jeremy took some time to see the newest in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and they have a review for you this week!

Grab your pixie and let’s fly to Neverland!

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