Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 12-Jeff Goldblum Is Like Bacon

Topics discussed on this episode:

  1. The He-Man reboot is coming in December of 2018
  2. Stephen King’s Firestarter will be the next film to get a reboot
  3. Mike Myers wants to do another Austin Powers movie
  4. The sequel to Unbreakable and Split is coming in January of 2019
  5. Joe Johnston to direct Narnia: The Silver Chair
  6. Jeff Golblum returning for Jurassic World 2
  7. Sylvester Stallone rumored to be the top choice to star in Mark Millar’s Starlight adaptation
  8. Official release dates have been announced for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Indiana Jones 5
  9. Live action Teen Titans series to premier on DC’s digital service
  10. Fringe Recommendations
  11. Fringe movie review of the week-“It Came From Somewhere Else”

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