Atomic Blonde

PodCapers Ep. 39: Interview with Antony Johnston

PodCapers Ep. 39: Interview with Antony Johnston

Espionage is in the air this week on Podcapers, as Scott is joined by the creator of The Coldest City graphic novel, Antony Johnston. They talk about the graphic novel, it’s adaptation into the movie Atomic Blonde, and the spy genre as a whole. But not over vodka martini’s because that’s a terrible idea, whether you’re doing a podcast or spywork. You have a problem, 007. Get help.

Be sure to check out Antony’s excellent work:

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Alex Rider, Origin of The Coldest City, and Spy Fiction – 1:10

The Coldest City and Atomic Blonde, The Adaptation Process, and Sam Hart – 16:00

Podcasts, Star Wars, and Trailers – 32:30

The Exphoria Code, Old vs New, and The Future – 47:12

GW1 Issue 116 – Movie Reviews Cubed

GW1 Issue 116 – Movie Reviews Cubed


Some movies opened over the past few weeks so we’re catching up on our reviews. We cover Valarian, Atomic Blonde and Dark Tower. Are any of them worth seeing on the big screen or should you just wait until they stream to your TV? And yes, there are spoilers. But first, there’s a lot of recent casting news to talk about, plus Deadpool 2 production details, TV show updates and some comic book news.   More