Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 11-Never Apologize For Funny

Topics discussed in this episode:

  1. The trailers for upcoming TV shows Cloak and Dagger, and Krypton
  2. a new King Kong TV series is in the works
  3. Hot Rod appearing in the new Transformers movie
  4. Rosario Dawson petitioning to play a live=action version of Star Wars character Ahsoka Tano
  5. The Friday The 13th game releasing on May 26th
  6. John Witherspoon says a new Friday movie is on the way
  7. Kurt Russel once pitched an idea for an 80’s action movie shared universe
  8. Fox announces release dates next year for three X-Men related movies
  9. Reminiscing with the Headbanger’s Ball marathon
  10. Keepers recommendations
  11.  Fringe movie review of the week=Space Raiders

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