– Batman Review

messagesSo I was looking at SUPERHEROSTUFF.COM the other day and was shopping for some Batman t-shirts since I am lacking and these 3 gems caught my eye.

Batman yellow circleFirst, I have always loved Batman going back to the reruns of the Batman “66 series and of course the Super Friends and The New Adventures of Batman, produced by Filmation.  So I picked the Batman Yellow Circle Classic Logo T-Shirt. I love how it is the old school comic and cartoon look with the blue and grey. This classic look, just screamed out to my childhood.
Next, my wife is always telling me i have to many dark colored shirts. So I went with this Batman Symbol IV Yellow T-Shirt. One it is YELLOW! And I love the simple logo here and when you see it you know who it is. For those who don’t know this is the Batlogo from the Batman: Hush story arc.batman yellow shirt

riddlerAnd finally, I picked yet another light colored but of my favorite from the Rouges Gallery. This The Riddler Stars Yellow T-Shirt just called out to me especially after the purple one was not available in my size. The print reminds me of the Challenge of the Super Friends.

So check out the links in this article or in the side bar and get your Super Hero Stuff today!


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