Tales from the Geek Side: Smothered The Review


What do you get when after a convention appearance gig turns out to be wildly unsuccessful and unpleasant, Smothered, a comedy horror film by John Schnieder. A group of cult horror icons, Kane Hodder, R.A. Mihailoff, Bill Moseley, Don Shanks, and Malcom Danare, find themselves persuaded to “haunt” a trailer park for the promise of $1,000 a piece for what should be relatively easy work. When they arrive they meet their employer – the trailer park’s owner – an unpleasant old bat named Agnes and her much more pleasant (at least to the eye) daughter DeeDee, who lives up to that name in the most obvious way. The group arrives at the park but soon discovers that there is more to the job than they had initially been expected and that their own lives are at risk.

Smothered is a horror-comedy with a little kick. Directed and written by John Schnieder, he allows each icon a chance to play on their public persona as well as other horror icons and we see some pretty inventive mass-ups. One thing that is awesome and fun is that though the convention scenes and plight of the individual characters is funny, with some truth behind it as well. Kane Hodder gets chance to play the romantic lead while Bill Moseley is the optimist of the icons. Don Shanks is the bully and R.A. Milhailoff is the big lug afraid everything. Malcom Danare is probably the most relatable of the group and his best scenes are with Shanks.


Brea Grant, from the Halloween series, plays Dee Dee. She is supervixen reborn. She nails the sterotype of the southern belle to perfection, especially hint of crazy in her eyes. She more than grabs your attention on screen. The creepiness in her performance is unreal and I would not suggest asking to see her 3rd tattoo. She turns the horror icons into the hunted

John Schneider set out to make an ’80s-style horror-comedy with a tip of the hat to Russ Meyer and a tribute to the late Richard Booker, who helped inspire the film. With an all-star cast and fun and endearing performances, John Schneider’s film is worth watching. No release date as of this writing but listen to WeBeGeeks for more information as it comes.

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