The Redemption of Tim Drake

The most misused character of the DC’s New 52 was Tim Drake. He went from being a worthy successor to the Bat Cowl, and having his own series, to being kind of a side note in the Teen Titans comics. This has all changed for the better in two different comics that came out last week. We have Teens Titans #23 and Batman: Detective Comics #939. Both were released on August 24th. Let’s start with Teen Titans #23.


Art by:Norm RapmundIan Churchill

Cover by:David Antoine Williams

Written by:Tony Bedard

Teen Titans

Teen Night in the Crescent City. The issue starts off with the Titans trying to enjoy some R&R in New Orleans, and things go badly quickly when the H.I.V.E queen makes her move and starts putting the city under mind control, and turns the town against the Titans. This is when Tim shows why he is the leader of the team, when he suggests that they team split up. Only one problem, Raven is the person keeping them from getting mind controlled themselves. He asks the team to trust him, and does not even tell them the plan. Everyone agrees with the plan without question. This is a huge leap of faith, and shows massive trust in Tim’s abilities. Something we have not seen from a Robin in a long time.

Tim figures out a way to trace the Queen to her hideout. Tim ends up shorting her out not with his fists with his brain. A lot of people forget that Tim is probably one of the top 3 or 4 smartest people in the DCU. This line from Rave says it all. “I do not say this Lightly Timothy Drake…but I would follow you right through the gates of hell. Coming from the daughter of a demon that is high praise indeed. This is easily one of my favorite Teen Titans comics that has come out since the 80’s in the Wolfman, and Perez days. That is how much I liked it.

Next we have Batman: Detective Comics #939



Art by:Eber FerreiraEddy Barrows

Cover by:Eber FerreiraEddy Barrows

Variant cover by:Rafael Albuquerque

Written by:James T Tynion IV

In Detective Comics #939 Tim gets the cover with good reason. This is Part 6 of the Rise of the Batmen storyline. It is titled “The Thin Red Line,” with good reason as it is Tim Drake, AKA Red Robin that stands between Gotham and rogue drones looking for targets. To prove the awesomeness of Red Robin, he has a self-repairing base called the belfry. Glass gets broken it repairs itself, and cleans up the mess. How cool is that? I also love that DC has brought Spoiler and Tim back together again. This is what DC’s Rebirth is all about. Repairing relationships that got tossed aside in the past. The team of Spoiler, Kate Kane, Red Robin, Clayface, Orphan, and Batman are going against Kate’s or Batwoman’s father, who has a grudge against Batman. Her dad operates with a team called The Colony, which has launched a drone attack against people that they believe are in the League of Shadows. The drones don’t care about collateral damage. The Colony thinks they are doing good ridding the world of terrorists no matter what the cost. The comparisons between what is going on in the real world and what is going on in the comic are pretty scary. The way that Red Robin resolves the Drone problem is again with his brain, and not his brawn. I don’t want to give away spoilers, because the ending and next issue are going to be explosive. Give me more. James Tynion IV weaves a tight story, and Eddy Barrows, does a fine job on the art. Comics like these are why DC is beating Marvel in the sales department and I don’t see them letting up any time soon.

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