I Rebel – A Star Wars: Destiny Podcast – Episode 16: Battle Formation

Mike from The Jedi Trials joins JediGeekGirl in this episode of I Rebel. In it they talk the Trilogy format,  eYoda/Jeda/Jeda, eTarkin/Kylo2, ePalpatine/MotherTalzin,  and much more.

Where you can find our guest:
The Jedi Trials Facebook page
SWDestiny website
The Smuggler’s Den

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I Rebel Facebook page
I Rebel webpage
I Rebel Patreon page
I Rebel email
JediGeekGirl’s Twitter
I Rebel’s current giveaway

Show notes:
Patreon bonus
eYoda/Jeda/Jeda deck
eTarkin/Kylo2 deck
ePalpatine/MotherTalzin deck

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