Podcast Hosting


We are constantly looking for new  GEEK/POP CULTURE THEMED shows to add to our network.

Have an idea for a show but don’t know where to start?
Hit us up! We can help you get started!

Do you have a show but nowhere to host it?
Hit us up! We can help you host!

Join the growing We Be Geeks Network, now and we will help you get your voice heard!

“But what’s in it for me”, you ask?

Well, on top of having your own podcast out there in internet-land, we will give you everything you need (on the web) to get started for only $4 per month OR $40 a year! Packages available for multiple shows, inquire for more information.
That’s right, we said for only $4 per month OR $40 a year.
We will give you:

  • Your own hosting with UNLIMITED STORAGE
  • Your RSS feed for both iTunes and Stitcher (and anywhere else that plays podcasts)
  • Set you up on iTunes
  • Set you up on Stitcher Radio
  • Your own Show Bio page for you to tell what your show is about, where they can find you, and for you to introduce yourself to the listeners
  • An email address at webegeeks.net (optional)

Want more?  We will help you every step of the way.  Advice on sound equipment, recording and editing tricks and more!

What are you waiting for?  If you want your own show, we will be glad to help you get started.  Once again, for only $4 per month OR $40 a year.

The only thing we ask for in return, is that you produce regular consistent content (weekly, every other week, monthly – or whatever) and give a little shout out to the We Be Geeks Network on your show.  Other than that, it’s your show.  You can have full creative freedom to do whatever it is you like.

That’s it.  No strings, no restrictions.  Want a show?  It’s  yours.  Email Mike to get started, today!


Something else to consider:

Joining the We Be Geeks Network:

  1. Does not cost you anything but time. It’s completely free. We will host your podcast, an email address, if you so desire, and help you get started on your journey into podcasting – at no cost to you – ever.
  2. Allows you complete control and ownership of your podcast. You have full creative liberties over your show, site, and everything. However, there are two stipulations – 1 – we do not allow racial or hate content on the network, ever. 2 – every so often, we’d like a little shout out to the network on your show. It doesn’t have to be all the time, just – whenever. Again, not mandatory, just requested. In exchange, we will play any audio spot (bumper) you have for your show.
  3. Offers up free exposure through our social media channels to help get the word out about your show. Interestingly enough, we will also every so often shout out to your show (and all shows on the network) every week on the flagship show of the network – the We Be Geeks Podcast – to help you get more exposure. The theory behind this – is to drive traffic to the site and other shows on the network; getting more exposure for both the network and the shows on the network. We end up helping each other out.

So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get started?


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