Michael Bay-Produced Almanac Cribs From Back To The Future Part II

Michael Bay-Produced Almanac Cribs From Back To The Future Part II image
By  Sean O’Connell ~CinemaBlend.com
Michael Bay has seen Back to the Future Part II, right? I mean, has he seen it recently? Because the story for Bay’s planned Almanac lifts a crucial subplot right out of Bob Gale’s BTTF II screenplay, and I’m wondering if there’s going to be a lawsuit.
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    The Simpsons Season 15 releases Tuesday Dec 14th

    the-simpsons-season-15-simpsons_15_dvd-spine_rgbThe Simpsons 15th season releases on Tuesday the 4th, here are some specs on the DVD/Blu-Ray More

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      Wonder Woman TV Series Plot Details

      Wonder Woman TV Series Plot Details

      By Joseph Baxter ~G4

      Plot details have emerged about The CW’s upcoming Wonder Woman TV series, tentatively titled,Amazon. More

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        Rick McCallum by the ramp of Queen Amidala's royal starship at Leavesden Studios during the filming of Episode I.


        As Lucasfilm embarks on a new future filled with more Star Warsmovies, Rick McCallum, one of the key talents responsible for the past 20 years of Lucasfilm productions, has embarked on an exciting future filled with his own films. Coming from a background of independent film production, McCallum is readying films that bring him back to his roots, but now with the wealth of experience that comes from his two decades of collaboration with George Lucas. More

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          Jon Favreau and David Fincher in the Running for Star Wars?

          Star Wars rumors fill the air once again.  Two names in the running to direct the sequels, Jon Favreau and David Fincher.

          According to Deadline:

          “I’ve also heard Jon Favreau is panting after this job, and even that David Fincher, who apparently worked for More

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            Battlefront III was ‘99 Percent’ Done When LucasArts Scrapped It

            Steve Ellis says Free Radical had come through a ‘dark period’ developing Haze before Battlefront 3 was cancelled.

            Free Radical Design has opened up on its gameplay plans for the ill-fated Battlefront III.

            Talking to gamesTM magazine, co-founder Steve Ellis spoke about what could have been when he was asked how he felt when leaked Battlefront III footage was met with a positive reception. More

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              Nintendo president apologizes for gigantic Wii U update

              By  | Plugged In Nintendo’s global president is apologizing to gamers for the hefty, mandatory system update they’re forced to endure upon setting up their Wii U.

              In a wide-ranging interview with IGN, Satoru Iwata said he regretted the need for the update, which enables the online functionality of the system. More

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                Report: Next Xbox coming by 2013 holiday season

                Xbox 360 and Kinect (Credit: Microsoft)

                By  | Plugged In

                Enjoy that time as the only next-generation console on the market, Wii U. The competition is coming sooner than you might think.

                Bloomberg reports Microsoft will release its next generation Xbox in time for the 2013 holidays. While the date has been widely expected, the news service says unnamed company insiders have now confirmed the time period. More

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                  WDW Tiki Room: November 30, 2012 – Disney Chef Mark Boor of Fulton’s Crab House

                  WDWTR iTunes logoWDW Tiki Room hosts Aljon Go and Kristen Hoetzel interview Executive Chef at Fulton’s Crab House, Mark Boor, to discusses healthy dining and new menu items. Have a question or comment about the show? Leave us a voicemail at (850) 888-TIKI | (850) 888-8454 or e-mail us at WDWTikiRoom@SRSounds.com.

                  INFO LINKS:
                  Follow Fulton’s Crab House – https://twitter.com/fultonscrab
                  More food discussion with Chef Boor at Kristen’s Cooking with Mickey Blog – http://www.cookingwithmickeyblog.com/2012/11/interview-with-chef-mark-boor-at.html.

                  Details on Fulton’s Crab House at Downtown Disney (WDW) at Kristen’s Dining at Disney site – http://diningatdisney.com/fultons-crab-house/.

                  FOLLOW US:
                  http://twitter.com/WDWTikiRoom | http://facebook.com/WDWTikiRoom
                  Follow Aljon – http://twitter.com/JediMouseketeer 
                  Follow Kristen – http://twitter.com/DiningatDisney
                  Hotline – (850) 888-TIKI – (850) 888-8454
                  E-mail – WDWTikiRoom@SRSounds.com


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                    Those Things That Made Us Geeks

                    In Episode 3 of our podcast we talked about a few things from our childhood that got molded us into the geeks we are today.  I’m sure everyone can remember where and when they first saw Star Wars.   I saw Star Wars at a drive in theater in Central Va.   More

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                      Jason Flemyng Star Wars Director Name Slip?

                      Source: http://www.ign.com
                      British actor Jason Flemyng has made nine movies so far with producer-directorMatthew Vaughn, including last year’s X-Men: First Class where he played the villainous mutant Azazel. But in a new interview Flemyng may — may — have confirmed the recent rumors that Vaughn was being lined up to direct Star Wars: Episode VII.

                      Check out this interview from HeyUGuys (via The Film Stage) with Flemyng to see his reaction to the Star Wars questions. Skip forward to about the 1:11 mark:

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                        WBG Episode 3: Shall We Pod A Game


                        We made it to the third episode of the podcast.  We talk PC gaming, the first PC games we ever played, Single vs. Multiplayer games, Star Wars again, WII U, where Intel is headed and a review of The Amazing Spider-Man. Join us for loads of fun and once again thanks for supporting us.

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                          Jennifer Lawrence Hits the Beach in New Images From The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


                          Source: Splash News c/o Comingsoon.net
                          New photos from the North Carolina set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are now online in video form, courtesy of Splash News. Check them out in the player below, showing off Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen in a Tribute wetsuit.The highly anticipated sequel finds Katniss returning home safe after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games with fellow tribute Peeta Mellark. More
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                            Bates Motel Reveals More Than a Dozen New Images

                            Source: The Hollywood Reporter c/o Comingsoon.net

                            A&E’s upcoming contemporary television series prequel to Alfred Hitchock’s classic Psycho, “Bates Motel,” is currently in production and The Hollywood Reporter has revealed more than a dozen new stills that you can check out below.
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                              The Synopsis for Star Trek Into Darkness Revealed

                              Source: Paramount Pictures c/o Comingsoon.net
                              Paramount Pictures today revealed the synopsis for J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness, opening in 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D theaters on May 17, 2013.

                              The anticipated sequel, starring John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve and Peter Weller, is described as follows: More

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                                Sir Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Join X-Men: Days of Future Past

                                Source: Bryan Singer c/o Comingsoon.net

                                November 27, 2012
                                Long rumored, director Bryan Singer has now confirmed that the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past will mix cast members from his X-Men and X2with those from Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class. Taking to Twitter, Singer reports that Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart are set to reprise their roles as Magneto and Professor X with Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy returning to play younger versions of the same characters. More
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                                  Xbox 360 Black Friday Report

                                  According to http://majornelson.com and Microsoft internal data:

                                  • Xbox 360 sold more than 750,000 consoles in the U.S. alone –exceeding internal forecasts.
                                  • Three month Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription sales increased more than 50 percent compared to last year’s Black Friday week. More
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                                    BY SHAWN MADDEN ~Geekscape.net

                                    When it was revealed that Warner Bros. was working on a Justice League film, which is set to hit theaters in 2015, one big question that many wondered is where would Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel fit in with the film. While speaking with the NY Post it seems that Snyder has hinted at what fans were hoping for. More

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