Now Geek This Reviews The New Fall Season

nowgeekthisI didn’t realize it had been so long since my last article, but it took me a while to catch up on all the new shows of the season.  As you may recall from my previous article, I listed the new shows that I was looking forward to watching, and gave a write-up on each show.  Now that I have ingested a few episodes of each show, it’s time for my review.  Read on as I run down the list to see which of the shows has lived up to my expectations, and which ones have failed to thrill me.Ash Vs. The Evil Dead

Ash Vs. The Evil Dead does not start until October 31st, so I have not yet had a chance to view this highly anticipated show.  However, I cannot see how this show could possibly be bad as long as the people involved with the show stick to what is great about The Evil Dead series, and don’t try to “improve” anything.

The Bastard Executioner

Believe it or not, I have never watched Sons of Anarchy, the popular show that was created by the Kurt Sutter, the same man who created The Bastard Executioner.  I hate to say it, but watching Executioner does not make me want to watch Sons of Anarchy.  The only thought that runs through my head as I watch this show is that it is trying really hard to match the sex, violence, and shocking moments as Game of Thrones, but cannot possibly hope to compete with GoT because it is on a basic cable channel.  I felt like the show was the younger sibling of GoT trying so hard to be its big brother that it lost its own identity in the process.  I don’t find the characters at all interesting in The Bastard Executioner, and I find the story even less interesting.  I am very disappointed in this show, and I quickly lost interest and have removed it from my dvr.


Blindspot is an interesting premise that makes for an interesting show overall.  Jaime Alexander is great as the main character  in the show, though the other characters seem a tad thin at this early stage in the game.  It is interesting discovering the pieces of who the Alexander’s character is, and what led her to her situation each week, though I do wonder how long they can stick to this idea before it gets old or they have to evolve the show into something else.  Jaime Alexander is turning to be a great action star, and I look forward to seeing her kick butt each week as she discovers new skills she didn’t know she possessed.  I definitely recommend checking out Blindspot.

Heroes Reborn

I had mixed feelings about Heroes Reborn at the start of the season, excited at the return of a show I once enjoyed, while at the same time nervous about a show that lost its way at the end.  I am happy to say that Reborn thus far seems to bring back the elements of the show I enjoyed before it became a mess.  The new characters on the show are mostly interesting, they can’t all be winners of course, and it is good to see some familiar faces return as well.  Reborn captures the atmosphere of the first season of the original Heroes, and I am looking forward to seeing where the various storylines lead to.  If you are a fan of the original Heroes, like me, and are concerned about the direction the show took in its waning days, then I suggest you give Reborn a shot.  I believe that Reborn will redeem the Heroes franchise and bring the show back to the glory days of the first season.

Into The Badlands

This show does not start until November, so I am still waiting.  But the trailers I have been watching for this show make it look like it will be a lot of fun to watch.  I am really looking forward to this show.

Minority Report

This sequel to the movie of the same name sounded like an interesting idea originally, yet turned out to be the complete opposite.  The show is basically just another police procedural that just happens to take place in the future.  I know the show takes place in the future because every couple of minutes, the show takes a moment to shove some type of futuristic technology down the viewers throat with absolutely no subtlety at all.  It’s as if the show were doing product placement advertising for products that don’t actually exist, and that you cannot buy.  Additionally, the characters are rather flat and uninteresting, and the plots of each episode feel very formulaic.  I have read that Minority Report has been cut down to ten episodes this season, and will most likely be cancelled before the end of the season.  I highly recommend skipping Minority Report and saving yourself precious time that could be better utilized elsewhere.

The Muppets

The Muppets did not start off strong out of the gate, but it does have a charm and fun aspect that certainly makes the show fun to watch.  If you are a fan of the Muppets, there is plenty of things about this show to enjoy.  Even if you were not a huge Muppet fan, I still believe that this show is entertaining enough to hold your interest.  This version of the Muppets is more adult oriented than previous versions, and is definitely not a kid show, but that is part of what makes this show appealing.  Though the premise of the show is not original, see shows like The Office or The Gary Shandling Show for examples, it is fun and entertaining regardless.  It is great to see the Muppets return to television, and I highly recommend checking this show out.

The Player

The Player is an interesting show for a few reasons, not all of them good.  On one hand, the show is action packed and thrilling, yet the characters feel thin and stereotypical, and the plots feel like nothing more than hastily written lead ins to the action sequences.  I admit that I am torn in two directions by this show.  The writer in me has issues with this show, while the action movie fan in me loves the exciting stunt and fight sequences in this show.  If you are a fan of action films, then you might enjoy this show on a basic level.  If you are not a fan of the genre, then you might find this show a bit weak.  Check out The Player and see which side of the fence you fall on.


Supergirl has not aired yet, so I do not have a review for this show.  The more I see about this show, the more interested I am to see it, but I still have a couple of reservations about the direction Supergirl might take.

Returning Favorites

Not only have we had all of these new shows to check out this season, but there have been a few returning favorite series that have really come back strong.  The Flash kicked off its second season with an exciting and emotional premier that opens the door for a potentially fantastic season.  Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has returned very strongly with a new vigor that should prove to place this show exactly where it belongs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  MAoS will be focusing on bringing the Inhumans front and center into the MCU, and that is going to make things interesting this season.  Anyone who has been on the fence about Gotham, or even those that might have given up on the show completely, should really check out the second season.  Gotham has really turned up the dial with the “Rise of the Villains” theme this season, and so far, each episode has been thrilling.  The Walking Dead has returned, and though there has been only one episode thus far, that premier episode was intense.  If The Walking Dead can keep up that intensity all season, then it will be amazing.  There are a lot of interesting storylines that have been started for this season of Dead, and I am excited to see where they take the show this year.

That’s all for this edition of Now Geek This.  Tune in next time for our next exciting adventure.

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