Now Geek This Reviews Into The Badlands

nowgeekthisIn this edition of Now Geek This, I will be reviewing the new AMC show, Into The Badlands.  The show stars Daniel Wu as a warrior in a post-apocalyptic feudal society divided among seven barons called the Badlands.  Into The Badlands airs on AMC on Sundays at 10:00PM right after The Walking Dead.Normally, I would build up to my final review of a show or movie by describing some of the positive and negative things about the particular show or movie I am reviewing, however, I am so excited by Into The Badlands, that I can’t contain myself.  Into The Badlands is one hundred percent the exact show I was hoping it would be, and I am absolutely thrilled by this masterpiece of television.  After only two episodes, I can safely say that Into The Badlands is, without a doubt, my new number one favorite show, hands down.

There are so many things that appeal to me about Into The Badlands that I can’t help but love it.  To begin with, Badlands is a fantastic martial arts show, on par with some of the best movies of the genre, with absolutely beautiful and stunning fight choreography that is a joy to watch.  The setting, a feudal society built upon the ashes of civilation’s destruction, is so perfectly charming and poignant that I instantly fell in love with the Badlands.  The characters of Into The Badlands are all compelling and fascinating, and the actors playing each part are absolutely brilliant.

Daniel Wu is particularly amazing as the main focus of Into The Badlands, Sunny, a stoic warrior fighting and killing at the behest of his baron, Quinn, played masterfully by Marton Csokas.  It is worth noting that Csokas sports an equally magnificent beard in the role of Quinn as well.  Daniel Wu’s fighting and sword skills really shine in this show, and is a pleasure to watch each fight.

Not only is Into The Badlands a visual feast to watch, but the story is interesting and well written as well.  As I said before, the characters are fascinating, and it is interesting to watch each of the various story-lines unfold.  Whether is is Sunny trying to protect a teenage boy with a strange, dark secret, from not only his own baron, but the other barons who would use the boy as a weapon, or Quinn’s attempt to hold onto his empire while hiding his own secret that would make him appear weak, to the story of The Widow, another baron who is trying to challenge Quinn and take over his territory, each story-line is riveting enough on its own to completely hold my interest.

The mood of Into The Badlands is spot on as well, perfectly capturing the spirit of both an excellent martial arts film, and a solid post-apocalyptic tale.  Into The Badlands is fully loaded with style and excitement topped with great storytelling and slick fight scenes.  I even found myself thinking as I watched Badlands that it would have been a perfect show for a legend like Bruce Lee to star in. But, since we can’t have Bruce Lee, I think that Daniel Wu is a perfect choice for a show like Into The Badlands.

As I stated at the beginning of my article, Into The Badlands is exactly the show I was hoping for, and I am so pleased that I get to watch this wonderful show.  I highly recommend you check out Into The Badlands for yourself.  I am fairly confident that you will fall in love with this show just as I have.  I eagerly await the next episode of Into The Badlands, and I am excited to see what is in store for the future.

Into The Badlands airs on the AMC network Sundays at 10:00PM right after The Walking Dead.  Only two episodes have aired so far, so you can easily catch up.

That’s all for this edition of Now Geek This.  Tune in next time for our next exciting episode.

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