Midnight Man: Bullet Time

Indie Comics 2_135x135Hi, and welcome, to this week’s installment of Indie Comics. This week I am going to have a look at Midnight Man: Bullet Time, an explosive time-warping, action-packed thriller, published by Bad Mother Publisher.



From page one; there is no rest or respite in Midnight Man. We are hurled into an amazing world with an even more amazing protagonist and it’s up to us to keep up. In fact, on the first few pages, we witness Midnight Man smashing through the face of Big Ben as he battles a horse from the American Civil War. Though we never truly know if the horse was a Yankee or a Confederate; it doesn’t get much high concept than that.




The following pages continue the pace with blistering action. But it’s not all flash and no substance. Yes, there are insane set pieces in the book but it’s made all the more enjoyable with a genuinely intriguing protagonist. The gun-toting Midnight Man may appear to be, at first glance, a wisecracking anti-hero and nothing more. However, the more we follow the bombastic journey of Midnight Man, the more his motives become clear and coherent. There’s just enough exposition and answers to allow the reader to understand that there is indeed a method to Midnight Man’s exuberant madness as he battles the villainous Chronosazi(s).


MM - page 1


This is an engaging and rewarding method utilized by Midnight Man creators, Mo Ali and Andy Bloor. From the insane imagery in the first act to the satisfying, yet open-ended, conclusion; I was engrossed in the tale as well as its breadcrumb trail style of narrative. This can be a risky method for storytelling, especially when taking into account of time travel, but the balance between exposition and action is perfectly executed.


MM - 2


Like previously mentioned, seamlessly implementing time travel into your story can be at times difficult. But, luckily, Mo Ali’s coherent and tight storytelling handles the element of time travel really well. That’s not the only thing that works well. The aforementioned excessive set pieces, charming lead, witty story are all laid out perfectly. This is something artist, Andy Bloor, also does fantastically. The simplistic yet detailed use of monotone inks enhance the journey of Midnight Man and the twisted world he dwells. But, it’s no surprise that the two work particularly well together, as the two previously collaborated in the short story anthology titled; Andy-thology.


MM - 3


In only 40 pages, what we get from Midnight Man is nothing short of exhilarating. Midnight Man creates its own rules and wastes little to no time to implement it. It rarely gives you time to catch your breath and recover from the insanity. Temporal bullet action, indeed.



Midnight Man is available in both Comixology and in print.



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