Marvelette Missives – Rocket

In May, a new comic series launched featuring everyone’s favorite furry member of Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, Rocket Raccoon (though he’s not really a raccoon) finally has his own monthly, aptly titled Rocket. It gives readers a look at Rocket’s not so innocent life. 

In the first issue, you get a quick lowdown on just how Rocket ended up in prison alongside Peter Quill and the other Guardians to begin with (spoiler: it’s not exactly what you see in the movie version). And then it’s time for a heist. Yes, Rocket can’t stay out of trouble for long and when a former flame enters the picture, he feels the need to do the right thing. Of course, a promise of coming out rich in the end does tend to sweeten the deal – and attracts the crew that Rocket needs to pull it off.

What makes this comic different is how it’s told. It actually has an old school heist movie feel to it (so you know things aren’t going to go as planned). Plus, the storytelling has a touch of noir to it, with narration in the sidebar that makes you think of the old black and white films where detectives wear fedoras and women are called dames. There is a point where Rocket actually does his version of “of all the gin joints… she had to walk into mine.” It looks like this series might be a bit of a fun ride.

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