Marvelette Missives – The Pulse

The Pulse was a comic following Jessica Jones and her time at “The Pulse”, a weekly section of the Daily Bugle newspaper. There are a lot of familiar characters here, including reporter Ben Urich, publisher J. Jonah Jameson and a load of superheroes including, of course, Luke Cage. So basically, for Marvel fans it’s a great read. 

There are three different story arcs in the series, plus a couple of standalone issues. The first arc involves the unmasking of the Green Goblin (and the first time in 40 years that he actually goes to prison), the second ties in to the Secret Wars event (but you don’t need to know that storyline to follow these issues) and the third revolves around Jessica giving birth to her and Luke’s daughter (who, by the end of the series, remains nameless). A mid-run standalone involved House of M (and is not included in the collected trade) and the finale (issue #14) ends with the wedding of Jessica and Luke.

On the surface the comic is about life at the newspaper, but really it’s about the relationship of Jessica and Luke. And that’s why it’s so enjoyable to read. It even provides a flashback showing how and when the two first met. It’s not a typical relationship (how could it be when superheroes are involved?), but it’s easy to understand why these two are one of the strongest, longest lasting couples in the Marvel universe.

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